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How much do you know about tarot?

Tarot cards are a unique and exploratory tool of divination that has been around before the 1800s. The word ‘tarot or the original ‘ìRotaî’ means the phenomenal '‘Wheel of life. Tarot Cards are an ancient form of divination, whose origins are masked and imprecise from times indefinite. The modern version of the tarot is the revised creation by the Order of the Golden Dawn. The intent with which this creation has been put together underlines the need to work more intimately with the Wheel of Life!

Tarot cards are used as a tool for fortune telling. The deck of the 78 cards are figurative, each card has a unique astrological meaning and numeric significance, the cards can be used to gain insight, clarity, and achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, life changes, family, career, health, spirituality, and dreams. The pictures and symbols that are featured on the tarot cards are associated with certain happenings in one's future.


Benefits of learning how to read tarot cards

Learning how to read cards, hence, connecting with the Universal life force will also stimulate intuition and evoke new insights. The emergence of tarot cards as a way of divination was an outcome of man's curiosity to discover the hidden future.
tarot card reading course Delhi
Tarot will also help you make better decisions about the kinds of problems that logic can't handle. It can be thought of as a two-way form of prayer, where Divine Intelligence answers you with symbols that mean something to you ... because they are all inside of you, to begin with!

These symbols are called "archetypes”. Tarot cards stimulate the superconscious part of your mind, the place where psychic abilities lie. It truly can be used most beautifully is as a tool of self-discovery or as a guide not only for our lives but to help others too, to find clarity and understanding about what is going on in the present, provide insight into where we are heading and what outcomes you can expect.


Highlights of the course:

  • Introduction about Tarot
  • History and origin of Tarot
  • Caring for your deck
  • Consecrating your cards
  • Exploring numerology through the tarot for personality assessment
  • Meanings of the major Arcana, minor Arcana, court & suits, cards
  • Tarot spreads
  • Ambience for Tarot reading
  • Framing questions
  • Meditation to connect with cards
  • Dealing with the clients
  • Practice the readings through cards

It is time to lift the veil from your future. Enroll for the course and surprise yourselves. 



About the organizers/facilitators

  • Hemma Krishna has been happy to dedicate her life for more than 9 years to the holistic wellness; contributing to people’s lives to find their inner confidence and inner joy.

    When she is not helping others, she is on a constant quest to better herself by fuelling her inner energy. Working on new and exciting ways to connect with people and trying to make a difference in their lives excites her.

    Her achievements:

    Hemma founded My Soul Mantra with the purpose of inspiring humankind.

    She believes that it is possible for every person to live an extraordinary life. What's more, it is possible for every person to manifest their deepest desires — if people honour their inner Divinity, consciously choose to recognise and stay connected with their Highest Self.

    Hemma is open to help any seeker. She applies few practical tools and techniques in daily lives to ensure positivity in Mind, Body and Thought.


  • Green Park Extension, , Green Park, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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