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Inner Freedom
Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India




Chakra Balancing and Self Healing Workshop



Chakra Healing with Holistic Integration is a powerful yet gentle method of chakra cleansing that incorporates both the energetic and consciousness aspects of the chakras. Our wellbeing and happiness are dependent on the health of our mind, body, and spirit and these are dependent on the wellness of the energies in our body. When our energy is imbalanced it affects our health. The Chakra and Aura Healing Certificate Program explores the concepts of chakras and auras, giving full and clear explanations of how blockages in our chakra energy centers and uncleansed auras can lead to mental, physical, and spiritual discord. You’ll discover how to recognize the symptoms of these and how to heal yourself and others of specific conditions, through energy healing.





The theory of the major energy centers of our bodies known as chakras is found in many healing practices. Chakras are responsible for our energetic, emotional, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual well-being. The Course provides a comprehensive understanding of how they work, where they are located, their meanings, and how each governs our mind, body, emotions, and spirit. By Aligning & Balancing our chakras we ensure all critical expressions in the physical, emotional and energetic parts of ourselves have a free channel of expression. This is a precondition to ensuring our life experiences are rich and filled with a sense of balance and awareness.





In this workshop, you will learn to sense blockages and obstacles and to work with your energy in dissolving them leaving your future open to unhindered and full expression of your deepest potentials.















✓ Heal yourself of Physical as well as Energetic imbalances





✓ Diagnose zones of disease or energy depletion





✓ Identity and heal weak energy areas





✓ Emerge conscious and aware of your mind, body, and spirit.





✓ Develop a deep connection to the healer within.





✓ Lead a happier, healthier & harmonious life, by learning to balance & align your chakras.










What you'll learn





✓ Receive a Chakra Healing Certificate of Completion at the end of the course!





✓ Understand Chakra basics





✓ Learn the physical and emotional connection of your Chakras





✓ Understand what issues manifest from blocked Chakras





✓ Be able to identify where the Chakra blockages are in your body





✓ Know how to quickly focus and unblock your Chakra





✓ Identify stressed and imbalanced chakras





✓ Address core underlying issues





✓ Implement processes and strategies to clear the problematic areas










Program Coverage





  1. Module1: Introduction

    1. Understanding Chakras

    2. Meaning of seven chakras


  2. Module 2: Possible Issues with Chakras

    1. Blocked or Imbalanced Chakras

    2. Over or Underactive Chakras


  3. Module 3: Chakra Diagnosis

    1. Aura Scanning

    2. Intuitive Bioscan

    3. Using Crystal Pendulums


  4. Module 4: Deeper Understanding of Issues with Chakra and Aura

    1. Emotional Blockages

    2. Unresolved Karma, Conflicting Energies and Traumas

    3. Foreign Energies


  5. Clearing & Healing Tools

    1. Aura Cleansing

    2. Chakra Clearing

    3. Clearing stuck energies from your organs or systems that cause spiritual, mental, emotional or physical blockages

    4. Crystals for Chakra cleansing and clearing

    5. Practicing White Light Meditation for Chakra Alignment





About the organizers/facilitators

  • Life Positive Foundation is a not for profit trust, which was established by Life Positive. The soul mission of Life Positive Foundation is to offer high value personal & spiritual growth workshops in order to bring transformative changes to seekers lives. With hundreds of seasoned healers and therapists as facilitators, this foundation organizes events and workshops across India


  • Inner Freedom, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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