22 Jul, 2018 to 22 Jul, 2018
Starting at 06:30pm


United Service Institute
Rao Tularam Marg, Delhi, India




“Prayer for Peace” belongs to everybody and is “About all of us”.

We are energy beings.

Imagine what would happen if we gather together and meditate? There will be a powerhouse of energy that creates a deep impact on the Earth.

And what if this energy is focused on a particular point? Awesome!

Group meditation is like creating a matrix of positive energy. The energy from this matrix spreads across the globe.

To be more precise, collective meditation is a very powerful tool endorsed by all faiths and spiritual orders for raising consciousness and bringing transformation at a deeper level.

The world, in general, has been increasingly beset with negativity of all sorts – crime, road rage, lack of respect for children and elderly, excessive materialism and erosion of ethics and decency.

“Prayer for Peace” is an attempt to manifest positivity in our lives by meditating collectively to harness and anchor the Divine energy. It cuts across barriers of faith, religion, gender, caste, and creed and is aimed at bringing Oneness, harmony, and Divine peace amongst all mankind.

Theme of the July event: “Value of Group consciousness”

Highlights of the event

You will learn to:

  1. Activate your heart chakra and crown chakra

  2. Be a channel of Divine energy

  3. Direct the Divine energy to Mother Earth

  4. Bless yourselves and the people. Bless the Earth

  5. Realize the benefits of meditating in a group

The event will help you realize that each one of us are a powerhouse of energy. Learning to harness it can transform our lives tremendously.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Life Positive Foundation is a not for profit trust, which was established by Life Positive. The soul mission of Life Positive Foundation is to offer high value personal & spiritual growth workshops in order to bring transformative changes to seekers lives. With hundreds of seasoned healers and therapists as facilitators, this foundation organizes events and workshops across India


  • United Service Institute, Rao Tularam Marg, Delhi, India

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