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Graphology is the study of analyzing handwriting. It is a complete, accurate examination and evaluation of the behavior and personality of one's inner-self. Handwriting is an instantaneous photograph of your mind. The nervous system facts as a wire from the brain to hand. The muscles of your body are connected and coordinated to your brain. So it begins with a thought in your brain that is transmitted to the Central Nervous System and then to the hands and fingers. 

Online Training - October 1, 2019, to October 15, 2019
If passionate and curious about learning new modalities of knowledge must join this unique training program.
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About the organizers/facilitators

  • We all are responsible for our well-being, but sometimes certain issues affect our happiness leading stress and low self-esteem which creates several deep-rooted problems followed by inadequacies in various aspects of our life. We lose connection with our own self and react pathetically ruining our aura and energy. It becomes immensely hard to recognize our reactions and feelings ceasing our all-round growth and especially beaten down financially. The simple life becomes complicated. Our life becomes a mess and we don’t know how to take control of it.

    At this point in time, we need a direction to structure our life and come out of all the layers of guilt, expectations, and anxiety. There is no one best way to cope.

    Sahibba Vasdevv founder of Soulszest is a great motivator with an unwavering passion to help mankind live their healthy, wealthy and spiritual life. She believes in living a full life gifted by God and emphasizes the total wellness of mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Brimming with unlimited divine energy and qualified with infinite holistic health education she guides her clients to reach to the maximum potential of their unique vision. She addresses the individuals stumbling blocks and counsels to incorporate necessary healing into daily life-restoring balance in order to thrive and achieve wholeness. An ardent supporter of the maxim ‘issues lies in our tissues’, she says, ‘if left unhealed, these tissues take the form of diseases which could be mental, emotional or physical and can further relegate our self-esteem that can shove an individual into the realm of darkness with severe blockages.’ 

    Her zest to understand more on the script of life has led her to explore deeper concepts of life and to know how the subconscious mind works. She comes from a psychology background and has a passion for psychology and believes its the subconscious mind that is the storehouse of all the events of our life. Therefore she has passion to rewire the subconscious mind for the highest good of her clients. This passion to help people heal made her develop a series of workshops that have the power to transform and empower them to live the life they truly deserve. With a stronghold and belief in her holistic education and skills at getting people transformed she is fortunate in changing the lives of her clients to their satisfaction.

    Her areas of expertise are:


    1. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis institute): help people overcome a multitude of fears and disorders by the healing of the subconscious.
    2. Advance Hypnotic Techniques and modalities such as :
    • Past Life Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 
    • Inner Child Healing
    • Digging Deep Healing
    • Age Regression
    • Womb Regression
    • Behavioral issues and medical concepts: (California Hypnosis institute)
    3. Graphology
    4. International Angel Card Practitioner
    5. Switchword Provider
    6. Healing with Angels

    An incredibly talented persona, Sahibba gives absolute life-changing effective solutions and it is a delight to be in her company. A session with Sahibba enables you to identify the important areas of your life that need attention, and then how to fix them transforming you into an affable personality. Her techniques help to fine-tune and transform every aspect of your life developing a stronger connection with yourself.


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