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Sarita Vihar
Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India




Taking Your Life from the Ordinary To The Extraordinary!

Akashic Intelligence is the Consciousness of your existence since the time of the inception of your Soul that you are not yet aware of... however, it tends to control us in every area of our life be it Money.. Relationships.. Business....Health Issues .....Work... Kids.. Etc...

*Discover Your Soul's Journey Through Akashic Records.*

Learn one of the best tool ls to heal your life!

Become a Practitioner For Akashic Records Readings.

Join us for this facinating Journey To Discover Your Soul's Journey Through The Akashic Records.

Accelerate Awakening, Awareness and Aliveness on Your Soul's Journey.

Serve Yourself and Others.

Empower and Enhance your Well-Being by facilitating soul-level transformation in self and others through Akashic Records Basic Practitioner Program. Discover Your Akashic Records for Personal and Professional Development. Don't miss this chance to train with the leader in the field of Akashic Records for growth & transformation. If you know in your heart that you are here to shift your life experience from Ordinary to Extraordinary and to make an effective, powerful difference in the lives of others and the world, consider this invitation. The infinite light shines through you in a unique and brilliant fashion. You have both the privilege and responsibility to become your optimal vibrant self. This is your time to become more radiant than ever!

The Posibilities :

Share the transformational riches of a spiritual practice in the Akashic Records Process And Ascend in your own personal journey. Enrich your understanding, cultivate your connection with your own Records, discover your Connection through the Akasha, develop and refine your skills including your receptivity, discernment and ability to work with others. This program is perfect for you, Whether you :

1. Use the records as a stand alone spiritual resources for personal empowerment and conciousness development.

2. Access the Records to complement to your already existing practices.

3. Have a deep desire to heal self and others.

Benefits Of Program :

1. Know why you are facing same situations, problems, people.

2. What is my Soul’s purpose?

3. Why am I always ill?

4. Who am I?

5. Am I on the right path?

6. Am I in the right vocation?

7. Am I in the right relationship?

8. What is my purpose on Earth at this time?

9. Why can’t I heal? Why have I attracted a particular disease or a disorder?

10. What is wrong with me?

11. What emotional scars am I carrying around?

12. What karmic debts do I need to pay?

13. Know the reasons for current issues in relationships

14. Find reasons to recurring life patterns

15. Know your Life/Soul Journey.

16. Awakening Of Your Soul.

17. Complete Your Past Karma Journey of Your Soul.

18. Take your Soul on Golden Path To abundance and spiritual development.

*What you will receive : Certificate Of Participation, Manual, intuitive cards deck for cosmic guidance, crystal pendulum, stationary, Lunch & 2 teas both days.*

Take a moment, consult your inner wisdom, honour your Truth and take empowering action to heal your life!

About the Facilitator:

Karishma is a dynamic Lightworker, sharing Energyworks with world to learn, know & explore your inner realms of Soul Journey. As the founder of the Inner Freedom, she shares her inspired curriculum and new insights into this mysterious realm of spiritual exploration for modern day seekers. She is the person to make access to the Akashic Records available to everyone through her specific process so they may utilise the Records as a spiritual resource for personal empowerment and transformation.

This workshop is created by Ms Karishma Manchanda, where she shares powerful tools, touching stories and a step by step process to help you connect with your Akashic Records and change your life journey. She facilitates participants with unique ways to shift their conciousness, find healing and positively transform their lives from tapping into the vast, energetic library of the Akashic Realm through her methodology for concious access mysterious realm of spiritual exploration.

Her work is accessed through her workshops, personal consultations more.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • About the Facilitator:

    Karishma Manchanda is an author of the bestselling book, Cracking the Code of Akashic Records. She has also authored books like The Ultimate Workbook on Chakra Healing and Consultation Skills for Healers & Therapists.

    She is the originator of Healing with Akashic records in India and is a well acclaimed Akashic Records Coach™, Akashic Records Consultant™ & Soul Profiling Expert™. She is the Master Instructor of Crystal Prescriptions™ and Graduate of Crystal Therapy & Healing for Prescription Energy Medicine. She is also a Transformational Hypnotherapist, USA and a Past Life Regression Therapist, USA.

    Inner Child Healing She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA) and is well versed with concepts of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Serenity Surrender, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, NLP, etc. 

    Karishma is also a Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, CAMI. Her zest to understand more on Life Script has led her to explore deeper concepts of Life Between Lives and study Soul Contracts. Her passion to help people heal themselves made her develop a series of workshops that have the power to transform and empower them to live the life they truly deserve.    

    Her achievements:

    • Akashic Records Coach™, Akashic Records Consultant™ & Soul Profiling Expert™

    • Author of Consultation Skills for Healers & Therapists and The Workbook for Chakra Healing

    • Master Instructor of Crystal Prescriptions™ and Graduate of Crystal Therapy & Healing for Prescription Energy Medicine

    • Transformational Hypnotherapist, USA and a Past Life Regression Therapist, USA

    • Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, CAMI

    • Inner Child Healing Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA)

    • Advance Hypnotic Techniques & Modalities such as Past Life Therapy, Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Birth Matrix Reimprinting

    • Womb Regression, Life Between Lives (California Hypnosis Institute, USA)

    • Fertility, Sexuality, Behavioural Issues & Medical Concepts (California)

    • Hypnosis Institute, (USA)

    • Serenity Surrender (Basic, Paver, Harmonizing Masculine Feminine, Evolution, Advanced Evolution Cycle, etc.)

    • Law of Attraction, Reiki (William Lee Rand Lineage), Theta Meditation,

    • Mindfulness, Chakra Healing, and many more


    About Her Workshops:

    Her workshops are designed to touch every facet of human experience. The curriculum of each workshop is optimized for profound personal growth that has the potential to shift the limiting beliefs and embryonic perception of Self, to imbibe the unlimited potential of the Soul. By combining the eureka of Mind - Body - Spirit trinity, massive spiritual awakening, and growth can be experienced. Each module is designed to harmonize physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and to bring the Soul in alignment with its higher purpose. 

    1. Healing with Akashic Records

      1. Level 1: Exploring the Akashic Records

      2. Level 2: Healing Inner Child Wounds & Ancestral Karma

      3. Level 3: Healing Past Lives and Releasing Spirits, Black Magic, Curses & Vows

      4. Level 4: Healing Others with Akashic Records

      5. Level 5: Become a Soul Profiling Expert

      6. Level 6: Become an Akashic Records Coach

      7. Level 7: Become an Akashic Records Trainer

    2. Soul Energy Regression Therapy

      1. Level 1: Foundation course in Soul Regression Therapies

      2. Level 2: Intermediate course in Soul Regression Therapies

      3. Level 3: Advance course in Soul Regression Therapies

      4. Level 4: Teacher Training course in Soul Regression Therapies

    3. Crystal Prescriptions

      1. Level 1: Foundation course in Crystal Prescriptions

      2. Level 2: Chakra Balancing with Crystals

      3. Level 3: Crystal Prescriptions for Space Clearing, Feng Shui and Psychic Protection

      4. Level 4: Crystal Prescriptions for Karmic Clearing, Soul Retrieval and Ancestral Healing

      5. Level 5: Crystal as for Energy Medicine

      6. Level 6: Teacher Training Course in Crystal Prescriptions 

    4. The Sacred Art of Chakra Healing

    Consultation Skills for Healers & Therapists


    Why learn from us:

    The Akashic Records Academy is a globally accredited and certified Training Provider of Healing with Akashic Records, Crystal Prescriptions, and other courses. We offer professionally accredited and internationally recognized certification courses affiliated with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). As a result, our courses are internationally accredited and recognized around the globe! We are accredited as an approved training provider by one of the world’s leading professional bodies representing the worldwide complementary and alternative health industry.

    • Your Certification is well-respected, well-known, and internationally recognized – you can be assured you have earned the right certification. This means that our courses are known for being the gold standard and not just handing out certifications

    • As our graduate, you receive certificates with IPHM logo for successfully completing globally accredited courses that support your business growth

    • You will receive our expertly designed, most comprehensive content for Healing with Akashic Records, Crystal Prescriptions, and other courses. We continually refresh and have our courses up-to-date while aligned with industry best practices

    • Your Clients can be reassured with our globally accredited courses that you are a professionally certified practitioner – highly effective and confident in the application of Akashic Records and Crystal Prescription – in private practice or for your personal use

    • Ours isn’t just any random course. Our course merges physics and metaphysics to explain the science and logic (in an easy-to-understand way) behind what we teach, giving you a mega-confidence boost

    • The courses have more content and even more practical tools and exercises

    • Our courses are known for being the gold standard and not just handing out certifications. We believe in earning your certification. To that end, we give tons of support, check-ins, and invest in your success! I even assist with the mindset piece along the way to get you to the finish line. Take as long as you need it. Graduate on your timeline – but we are dedicated to helping you get there!

    • You can access the modules + all content from anywhere in the world whenever it works with your schedule – and you get Lifetime Access!

    • Our graduates go on to serve others, transform their lives, and even start or expand their healing businesses — or add entirely new income streams… doing something that they love.

    • For more information, visit www.akashicrecords-academy.co



  • Sarita Vihar, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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