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JIVA Breathwork welcomes you -  

Empower your self healing, release emotionally, bodily and mentally… and journey into transpersonal realms gaining insight and wisdom.  

You will be joining the JIVA Breathwork 3day workshop 8- 10th April, an immersion into this powerful approach.

Your facilitators will be Sigrid Lindemann (Trainer JIVA Breathwork)  and Lola (Certified Facilitator Jiva Breathwork)

We are following the original technique of Holotrophic Breathwork as developed by psychiatrist Stan Grof and his wife Christina in Esalen, California, 2 decades ago.

This time tested practice of a 2 – 2,5 hrs breathwork session ensures to explore the inner healer`s potential in selfhealing, deep release, and often opens to a spiritual aspect of your inner journey. You might peruse www.stangrof.com for further info.

We have attached an article, and the medical form, which you would need to tick before registering the JIVA Breathwork session.

Please come with comfortable clothing, a water bottle, tissue paper, a bedsheet or big shawl, and be in time, as we can only start together.

In this approach you will have a person attending to you, to give you the comfort and safety during your journey. It would be good if you could bring a sitter along.  

Call me over whatsapp 9626006961 for any clarification required

Venue and fees:

For the 3 day workshop 8- 10th April: the venue is Cripa, Center for Performing Arts , with AC and wooden floor.

Schedule is 9 to 12.30pm, 2 to 4.45pm daily, Thursday closing latest 3pm. The fee is 5600 Rs (incl 18 % GST)

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