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New Delhi
Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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🔶 Law of Attraction Workshop🔶

2 days of Transforming your limiting beliefs towards creating a life of Magic!!


You have heard this phrase too often and yet, it seems something is amiss!
You do your affirmations and stay positive and yet don't receive what you ask for. What can be wrong?

If you wish to know the trick & truly desire to change how things are happening around you, then this is a MUST DO course.
This workshop will open your eyes, Touch your Heart and will change your life forever.

This beautiful two days workshop focuses on :

Understanding "The Secret" of achieving all that you desire

Understand why the Law of Attraction hasn't been working for you like it does for others.

Get hold of the loopholes you missed while practicing this powerful force and identify if the law is working for you or against you.

Discovering your true potential and uncovering your own ocean of possibilities.

Attracting positive & healthy relationships and improving the existing ones.

Goal prioritizing & techniques to achieve both personal and professional Goals.

in depth understanding of Money blue print. And tools to identify what kind of relationship you have with money & how to create more money.

Exercise to help you develop a better 6th sense

Learn to make your own affirmation and how to change your thought process for a healthier you and healthier life.

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About the organizers/facilitators

  • Life Positive in close collaboration with renowned and experienced spiritual practitioners regularly organizes world class workshops and events for mind-body-spirit rejuvenation. These life changing events are a result of in-depth research and work done by Life Positive and it's partner healers/experts starting from picking topics which address pressing personal growth issues to how these workshops should be best delivered. With many years of experience, Life Positive has successfully helped thousands of seekers make long-lasting positive changes to their life.


  • New Delhi , Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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