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F 1 by 9
Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi, India




Join us for this exciting Meditation Retreat! 
In this Meditative journey, we look beyond all the possibilities of mind body and soul.

Join us and lets grow together.!!

Meditation is a powerful scientific tool which has been gifted to the mankind by our vedic ancestors. Many scientific researchers enhanced these skills with added experiential knowledge to this very base of vedic science to evolve and align our Mind, Body And Soul.

There are many forms of Meditations as we all are aware of. 

In this three hours of experiential meditation, we shall cover Introduction to Tai Chi, Vedic Meditation and Yognidra

Tai Chi is an ancient form of China's martial art, emphasizinf on focusing mind on gentle external movements.
By gentle and slow movements, tai Chi helps remove the tension and knots in the muscles and helps improve the mental wellbeing by reducing ever increasing  physical and emotional stress.

Vedic Meditation is the mother of all other meditations followed largely. In Vedic Mediation, the various mantras (hymns) align the mind body and soul to awaken the inner spiritual and higher wisdom...

Yoga Nidra helps improve memory functions and integrates the hemispheres. 
Therapeutic aspects of yoga nidra are very significant.  It is used in both acute and chronic diseases, especially in degenerative  and stress related conditions such as hypertension, coronary disease and arthritis..

About the organizers/facilitators

  • "By and Large Man has already conquered physical universe both at the local level and universal level, now its turn to conquer the Mind and Spirit so that all human beings be blessed with a grace of balanced life, lifestyle and outlook with an authentic smile on the face." - Aparna Sharma

    Aparna is an accomplished Coach who achieved exceptional results with my clients. She believes that everyone deserves to experience the best part of them by creating a secure, comfortable environment and an attitude of open acceptance. She is passionate about my work and is committed to her own personal and professional development, which augments her work as a practitioner and a Coach. As a teenager, Aparna had always been overwhelmed with mysticism, faith and universal science, and developed a strong desire to engage herself in the guidance accomplishments. As a postgraduate in Sociology and having studied psychology throughout her education and career building made her research more and more about holistic healing and begin her career. A diverse experience ranging from the field interventions, strategic plan development, coordinating and networking with developmental partners and with a consistent and commitment to results, she draws her expertise from a plethora of activities – Training, teaching, action, advocacy and capacity building, for evidence-based planning and development in personal management, change process and growth have been my strengths.

    Since the beginning of her practice, Aparna has assisted the clients in achieving their goals of success, relationships, habit alteration, increasing self-esteem, overcoming fears and phobias, enhancing creativity, eliminating anxiety, reducing stress and treating psychosomatic illness and attending to some of the severe mental disorders. Aparna's thorough approach involves assessment and observation to increase self-awareness and self-understanding. This approach allows for behaviour change, personal growth and effective performance, both at the individual and the group level. Presently, she is coaching and mentoring competitive individuals on building life skills through emotional excellence.


  • F 1 by 9, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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