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CR Park,
New Delhi, Delhi, India




Join us for group meditation followed by divine healing for physical and psychological issues.

You will be taught the powerful "Meditation on Peace & Prosperity " to calm your emotions and experience inner peace and a sense of divine connection.

Benefits of practicing this Meditation

1. Increased stamina
2. Reduction in stress level
3. Courage
4. Confidence
5. Charismatic personality
6. Sense of inner peace and calmness
7. Relief from addictions

We conduct this Meditation free of cost. Join us today! 

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Pooja is a disciple of Holy Master Choa Kok Sui and the founder of The Healing Power within. Inspired to heal people in her teenage years, she commenced her centre to promote and teach Yoga Prana Vidya Healing in India in 2011. 

    She has been committed to helping people connecting with their higher nature to live a balanced life since 2011. She has spent one year in Sri Ramana Trust Ashram, Tamil Nadu for Higher Spiritual Practice. The Teachings has uplifted and harmonized her life.

    She provides complimentary health information and energy treatment as well as the broad spectrum of spiritual practices that include the various form of yoga, meditation and esoteric teachings that lead one to rapid personal growth, self-awareness and spirituality.


  • CR Park,, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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