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The Grant Regent Hotel
Anna Silai, 708, Avinashi Rd, Race Course, P N Palayam, Tamil Nadu 641018, India


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The Life Positive International Spiritual Festival is back with a bang in Coimbatore this year. Book your seats NOW!


The Life Positive International Spiritual Festival is back with a bang in Coimbatore this year. Book your seats NOW!
We have four cutting- edge facilitators, delivering life-changing techniques and tools to help you craft a winning life in all aspects.
Below is the sneak peek of the Coimbatore ISF to be held on August 20 and 21, 2022.

DAY 1, August 20, 2022

TOVAA (Teachers of Visualisation and Affirmation) by Kalyaann Sir

Kalyaann SirTOVAA®, a special module created by facilitator Kalyaann Sir, is a comprehensive modality which has emerged from 11 years of continuous learning, observing, and experiencing the frequencies of colours, numbers, planets, directions, and space energies. It deals with how the vibrations of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and words affect our daily lives and how you can use the power of such elements to enhance the quality of your life.

In this one-day workshop, through certain metaphysical tools, a number of TOVAA principles will be proved on the basis of energy, frequency, and vibration.

About the facilitator:

Kalyaann Sir is a Consultant, Coach, Counsellor, Teacher, Trainer, Therapist & Transformer. He also functions as a Personal Mentor for film and television stars, politicians and industrialists in India. He has been interviewed and featured in India’s premier spiritual magazine, Life Positive. He empowers people by giving them the responsibility of their own freedom, sometimes for the first time. He is a practicing Angel Therapist, PLR therapist, Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Reetta Kalyan Jain, an energy healer, and their two children, who practise what they have been teaching for the last 11 years.

Breathing Abundance In by Partha Gupta

Partha GuptaThis workshop is meant to add ‘life’ to every thread you are connected to which is your own breath. In this experiential session, you learn to a witness life, effortlessly replicating your wishes and desires in 3D. This masterclass is an opportunity to release the mind from accumulated data and make it function with clarity. The workshop will provide a key to everything you wish to access through your own breath. It will help you see how your inner state creates opportunities and effortlessness in everything you do.

The topics that will be covered in the workshops would be as follows:

  • How to breath for calmness,
  • How to perceive space to make it favourable to oneself,
  • How to raise one’s frequency or charisma
  • How to relate with others to have a perfect relationship
  • How to create one’s personal atmosphere
  • How to breathe to match the frequency and manifest experience

About the facilitator:

Partha is an author and trainer specialising in breath and consciousness, who helps his clients breathe free of all ideas, beliefs, and dogmas which hold them back from being who they truly are. Having spent 15 years in the corporate world and a good part of the last 11 plus years in the august company of a wise man from the mountains, he has simplified the very perception of consciousness as well as our life. Partha has been researching, meditating, and documenting insights on ‘Breath’ to conclude that breath is communication with life, and we simply need to find our grammar right.

Partha says, “That which you seek exists; it exists in a certain frequency, and one can find that frequency in one’s breath and experience it in reality.”

Day 2, August 21, 2022

Create New Life with Past Life Regression by Ambika Khanna

Ambika KhannaAnybody who has ever undergone past life regression has never emerged the same. A new door opens as an old one closes, and a fresh era starts in one’s life. This is because past life regression works on the principle of cause and effect and helps remove the effects by addressing the root cause of difficulties. By going to the root cause and understanding how it has affected the present, profound natural healing takes place automatically.

This therapy works simultaneously on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and heals at all levels. It will help you healing diseases, understand karmic patterns, removal of block energies, phobias etc. It will help you improve your relationships, retrieve talents from previous births, free you from the fear of death and finally, help you discover your purpose in this life.

About the facilitator:

Mrs Ambika Khanna is an accomplished wellness healer with over 15 years of experience. She has helmed programmes on Pragya TV for more than four years. Trained under Dr Newton and Ms Lakshmi Kondaveti, her expertise lies in healing past life traumas, relationship issues, chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, and other emotional ailments through modalities like past life regression. She is also the head of the Delhi region of Quantum Life University and the co-founder of Soul Setu Wellness Foundation, established in 2019, which successfully hosted one of the largest ‘Soul’ Festivals in Gurgaon on December 1, 2019.

Activate Your Inner Healer through Holotropic Bodywork by Fr. K C Thomas

Fr. K C ThomasThe central concept of Holotropic Bodywork is the concept of ‘inner healer.’ Usually, it is done in a group with the support of trained facilitators. They create a space in which the natural healing capacity of the psyche is activated. They function in a non-directive way, holding space, in which healing, and
transformation can take place.

The Holotropic work is done in pairs. One will be the breather who lies on a mattress with eye shades on so as to focus internally, and the other is called the sitter, who protects and looks after the breather. The breathers are led through a short relaxation, in which they are asked to breathe a little faster than normal. This is supported by music which lasts a minimum of two hours.

A safe setting with focussed breathing and evocative music helps the breather to enter into expanded states of consciousness. Stress is released, negative emotions are healed, and many have a spiritual or transpersonal experience. In the next session, the sitter and breather exchange their roles. After the session, the breathers are led to a common room where A3 size paper and crayons are
kept for them to draw their experience symbolically.

About the facilitator:

Fr. K.C. Thomas has a master’s in philosophy from Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth (Pune) and has done two years of training in Integral Counselling Psychology from Sadhana Institute (Lonavala). He has taught at Montfort College (Bangalore), Institute of St. Anselm (Kent, UK), and Sophia Centre (Holy Names University, California). Currently, he is the founder-director of the Don Bosco Institute of Psychology and Spirituality, Trivandrum (Kerala). He is a certified facilitator of Holotropic Bodywork and has given over 100 workshops
and retreats in various parts of India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya, and the United States. Currently, he is doing research at Gulbarga Central University in Holotropic Breathwork, with central government funding.


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About the organizers/facilitators

  • The Life Positive Foundation, founded in 2005 is a not-for-profit public charitable trust with wide-ranging concerns and interests in the upliftment of society. It was founded with the aim of disseminating holistic information, hands-on healing techniques, and life-transforming tools to the general public to help them experience holistic growth and well-being in their lives. 

    Ever since, it has worked tirelessly to create awareness about numerous alternative-healing modalities, like NLP and Theta healing, as well as, ancient Indian holistic traditions like yoga, Ayurveda, mudra science, and acupressure amongst the masses through books, workshops, seminars, and expositions. 

    Our objectives 

    ● To conduct research, collate, and disseminate important and relevant knowledge and information, both ancient and contemporary. 

    ● To commission works and publish manuscripts, books, and holistic body-mind-spirit magazines. ● To organize and sponsor expositions, fundraising events, camps, seminars, and workshops. 

    ● To approach the Government of India and international forums from time to time to lobby for requisite policies. 

    ● To promote and espouse at all levels – Governmental, NGOs, WHO – holistic systems of medicine. ● To preserve, document, and revive ancient and endangered traditions of India and the world. ● To provide a platform for people and organizations active in related fields to voice their views and share information and expertise. 

    People behind the mission 

    Mr. D R Kaarthikeyan, Chairman 

    The former director-general of India’s National Human Rights Commission and former chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation, D R Kaarthikeyan has served in various capacities in the Government of India, including postings outside the country. He is formally and informally associated with many Indian spiritual organizations.

    Mr. Aditya Ahluwalia, Managing Trustee 

    A businessman with an abiding interest in spirituality, especially Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and his vision of a New Man, Aditya Ahluwalia wished to contribute in his own way to the betterment of humanity and the world through Life Positive. He also took the lead in starting the website lifepositive.com. 

    Mr. V Venkat, Director 

    V Venkat has been with the organization since its inception and has nurtured its growth and success. His commitment to positive living and to helping establish a caring society spurs him and his team to greater heights.


  • The Grant Regent Hotel, Anna Silai, 708, Avinashi Rd, Race Course, P N Palayam, Tamil Nadu 641018, India


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