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Green Park Extension,
Green Park, New Delhi, Delhi, India




Come and join us for this highly Therapeutic Meditation Day workshop! 


Whatever we experience in life, everything we do or go through, leaves an imprint, a psychic imprint on us. These imprints conjure up our thoughts; chart our tendencies, our habits, our nature and almost everything about us. There are many ways to wipe the undesirable imprints. One of them is ‘Therapeutic Meditations’.

The practice of emotional healing, of erasing your imprints of images and words, is a deliberate effort and falls under conscious healing. The greater your effort the better and quicker the healing. It will greatly help anyone towards Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual transformation.

Some of the benefits of Therapecutic Meditation: 
Improves immune system Cure headaches & migraines • Reduces restless thinking • Lessens tension, anger and frustration • Improves the mood and emotional intelligence • Let go of emotional eating, drinking and smoking • Experience increased compassion • Deeper understanding of ‘SELF’ and others

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Hemma Krishna has been happy to dedicate her life for more than 9 years to the holistic wellness; contributing to people’s lives to find their inner confidence and inner joy.

    When she is not helping others, she is on a constant quest to better herself by fuelling her inner energy. Working on new and exciting ways to connect with people and trying to make a difference in their lives excites her.

    Her achievements:

    Hemma founded My Soul Mantra with the purpose of inspiring humankind.

    She believes that it is possible for every person to live an extraordinary life. What's more, it is possible for every person to manifest their deepest desires — if people honour their inner Divinity, consciously choose to recognise and stay connected with their Highest Self.

    Hemma is open to help any seeker. She applies few practical tools and techniques in daily lives to ensure positivity in Mind, Body and Thought.


  • Green Park Extension,, Green Park, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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