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New Delhi, Delhi, India




This Advanced ThetaHealing® Course expands the information in the basic seminar to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us.

theta healing classes in Delhi


Certified Basic ThetaHealing® Practitioner.


Highlights of the seminar:

  • Access “Downloads” directly from Source that will instantly work through your deepest blocks with ease.
  • Receive hundreds and hundreds of Downloads that will profoundly improve every aspect of your life.
  • Change hundreds or thousands of beliefs all at once with downloads.
  • Advanced tips, tricks, and techniques for improving your reading and alternative healing ability.
  • Open your psychic centers.
  • Get to the core of and transform fear, resentment, grudges, and addictions downloads.
  • Contact and communicate with your genetic ancestors and your higher self.
  • Receive profound healings for your Soul and Heart directly from Source.
  • Clear free floating memories (engram banks) from Surgery, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Sexual Abuse, War, Fainting Spells, O.D. or Trauma, etc.
  • Advanced understanding of the Seven Planes of existence and how to use them in healing and manifestation.
  • Heal broken hearts.
  • Heal and change broken souls.
  • Bend time to what you want. Make it faster or slower.
  • Release Fears, Rejections, Resentments, and Regrets
  • Send Love and Protect the Baby in the Womb.
  • Talk to the Higher Self.
  • Do Belief work on Non-organic material.
  • Practice 'digging' for key beliefs.
  • Advanced manifestation techniques.


What to expect in this seminar

This is one of the unique theta healing classes in Delhi that will provide Advanced Training in the Theta Healing technique. It will also aid in your development as a practitioner by introducing several new techniques to expand and enhance your abilities as a Theta Healer and clear negative beliefs even faster than before with hundreds of “downloads,” which will raise your consciousness with joy and ease.

Learn to trust yourself to see inside the body!


Who should attend this seminar?
You should take this Advanced DNA Theta Healing Seminar if:

  • You want to strengthen your skills as a Theta Healing Practitioner.
  • Your wish is to do “readings and healings” faster and more effectively.
  • You want to get to the core beliefs thoroughly, quickly and easily.


Upon completion of your DNA Theta Healing Advanced Seminar, you will be certified as a Theta Healing Practitioner and registered with Vianna Stibal's Nature's Path, the founder of Theta Healing.

Added attraction:
DNA Theta Healing Manual PLUS the book "Advanced Theta Healing" much anticipated by everyone and written by the esteemed Vianna Stibal.

Why theta healing is getting popular:
Theta Healing is applicable to so many areas of your life. People from all walks of life with different backgrounds and experience are drawn to the Theta Healing courses in Delhi.

They seek relief from chronic injury or illness. Some are naturally intuitive who are seeking a refined technique to use their abilities more powerfully and more beneficially.

Some people are attracted to Theta Healing because they want to get out of the rat-race and build a business for themselves. Some people are attracted to Theta Healing to manifest their most compatible soul mate.

Other people already practice a focused spirituality and want to connect more closely with the Creator Of All That Is. Some people just want instant results with healing themselves and others,

Theta Healing does offer instant results after you work on your belief systems. Some people want to learn Theta Healing so they can have their DNA Activated and help raise the vibration of the Earth and create a more enlightened world consciousness.

Even if you are just plain curious, you can attend this theta healing seminar. 

You are welcome. 

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Dr Rinki Srivastav is an experienced Healer, Trainer, Therapist, Counsellor, Consultant, Guide, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and a Life Coach. She also provides motivational and inspirational boost helping people to un-complicate their lives.

    She is the Founder of 'Healed Life Foundation' (Holistic and Alternative Solutions) - that promotes alternative healing modalities to bring about the desired changes by understanding the intricacies of the journey of life by aligning your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of past, present and future in harmony with oneself. She heals and supports the individual’s natural ability to heal at all the level- physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually through the restoration of harmony & balance in their energy system and by facilitating them to live their lives to their fullest potential by connecting them to the power within.

    In the last 18 years, she has conducted numerous workshops & training programs, inspiring & informing people, helping them to take command of their lives by making them aware of their ability to harness the power that they possess within themselves and live their lives as per their choice and desire. She has been honoured with various Awards:
    • Awarded Honorary DOCTORATE DEGREE by Indian Institute of Complimentary Medicine (IICM), Hyderabad.
    • Gold Medallist, Awarded as BEST REIKI HEALER by Reiki Healing foundation, London (U.K. Chapter) New Delhi (India) in 2005.

    Her mission is to heal and support the individual's natural ability to recover physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually through the restoration of harmony and balance in their energy system and by facilitating them to live their lives to their absolute potential by connecting them to the power within them. 


  • Janakpuri, , New Delhi, Delhi, India


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