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Healing with feeling
Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, India




The new year brings with it, new hopes and goals. 

What better way to flow through the year than to envision and give a concrete shape to one's goals and desires?

Detailed Agenda

This Vision Board workshop aims to help participants to put down their new year resolutions, goals and changes they wish to create in their personal or professional space in a creative and fun format. The second half of the workshop focuses on using Hypnotherapy as a tool to integrate these goals in the mind so that the participants can take the necessary steps to implement their goals. 


About the organizers/facilitators

  • For as long as she remembers, Damini has been helping people in some way or the other. There was a time when she used to think of herself as a ‘problem magnet’ because all her friends used to come to her with their problems. What used to start out as a venting session, soon turned into a ‘generating possible solutions’ conversation. At that time, she was learning music, different dance forms and Hindi poetry. Eventually, she started training people in Latin and Ballroom Dances. Therefore, it made sense to her to make a career in Mass Media. However, fate had other plans for her. Damini says "This facet of my life was always overpowered by my creative instincts. Today, Damini is a practising Tarot Card reader, and help seekers find answers to various nagging problems in their lives (such as health issues, relationship worries, career progress, business problems, and more). She is also a trained Hypnotherapist from the Insititute of Clinical Hypnosis and Related Studies as well as a Cambridge certified English Language Trainer. She is glad that she followed her heart and decided to follow the spiritual world. Lastly, She is also a Counseling Psychologist and an English Language Trainer. As a Counselor/Psychologist, she always maintains an objective outlook, so that she can enable her clients to see his situation in totality. Her job is to help clients in a way that they can eventually help themselves.


  • Healing with feeling , Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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