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Greater Kailash,
Block 4, Part 1, Trilokpuri, New Delhi, Delhi, India




"Our future is in our hands" - this is a common saying.

Our Fate line does indicate everything we want to know - be it marriage, children, career, and more!

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Join renowned Palmist Nisha Ghai in this exciting and enlightening workshop and learn what your fate line can reveal about you! 


What the workshop can do to you:

  • It can help you know about where your  career is headed
  • You can find answers to some bothering questions on relationships
  • Not getting married? Find the answer on your palm! 
  • Not finding a job? Know how much more you must search.
  • Entangled in a relationship? Let the palmist guide you! 


Uncover treasures in your palm. Palmistry is not what you think. Discover the secrets by participating in the workshop. 

Come, astonish and enrich yourselves. 


About the organizers/facilitators

  • Nisha Ghai is a Palmist with a fresh approach. She is talented in Numerology and Astrology and has begotten a unique combination reading method.

    She carries a bachelor's degree in Textile Designing.

    Her childhood ideal is her father, the famous palmistry Guru Dayanand Verma, who guided her for Palmistry. Nisha has been practicing Hindu Vedic Natal Astrology and palmistry since 1990 and specialized in Astrology and Jamini Astrology.

    Additionally, she is a Stress and Crystal Therapist and also does healing with EFT {Emotional freedom Technique} and Crystals. With the support of her family and friends, Nisha was inspired to pursue her dream of becoming a palmist. She has written books on Palmistry which are best sellers.

    Her achievements

    • Her book '50 Handprints' is popular, along with 'All the secrets of Palmistry'.
    • She is an astrological adviser to a famous women's magazine "Grahlakshmi and Naritatwa".
    • Many journals regularly publish her articles on palmistry, numerology, lifestyle, and meditation.
    • She is currently associated with many TV channels like India TV, News 24, P7.
    • Her Serial 'Rekha' on Star News {Now Known as ABP News} was very popular.


  • Greater Kailash,, Block 4, Part 1, Trilokpuri, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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