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Inner Freedom
Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India




Understanding what is Womb Healing:



The foetus can we call the events even before the development of its body and the brain because they are recorded in the consciousness of the soul.





The consciousness of the soul records all the experiences of the foetus while in the mother's womb. The foetus also fields and records all the experiences thoughts and feelings of the mother has its own. In addition to this the foetus also perceives the external environment just as we do. The memories experiences and traumas from conception stillbirth can also trigger memories of traumatic experiences in the past lives these are often the problems that we need to resolve in this lifetime. As a result of this many of a personality traits and physical or emotional problems can be traced to experiences that have been in our mother's womb this also happens during the process while giving birth many emotional and physical problems such as feeling of loss, alienation, rejection, loneliness, grief, relationship problems, separation, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, claustrophobia, paranoia, asthma, headaches and sinus related problems can also be tracked back to that time. The traumas surrounding birth need also needs to be addressed. This not be only of this lifetime but can also be carried from previous lives, stretching back to the very beginning when the soul was first created and after its separation from the Creator itself.





It has also been recognised that the influence of prenatal and birth experiences are recorded to be affecting our overall development and personality psychiatrist Thomas Vernon has also reported - based on his research and investigation that the foetus can see here experience see, taste, learn and feel while in the mother's womb. He also stated that the fetus not only feels but also responds to the mother's thoughts and feelings. He also reported many such instances in his book called The secret Life of the unborn child.





Once we know that the foetus in the womb fields and records all the feelings thoughts and emotions as well as experiences of the mother as its own, it becomes even more important for us to release such energies from our system in order to be free from the maternal energies that are not our own.





In this workshop, we invite you to join us for one such journey deep into your existence when you were in the foetus stage of this particular existence. We will take you through meditative session and regression to reach into the state when you were in your mother's womb. You may be able to experience and understand your beliefs, thoughts and emotions better and find the missing links of your soul's journey.  You may therefore be able to understand what have you invited from your mother into your adulthood.





We will also be doing the healing work by releasing the trauma so as to give you a fresh start. This will help you clear your energies and to release any such pent-up emotions that I know longest serving you India highest best. You will also be able to find patterns in your relationships, resolve relationship issues and bring forward a newer perspective about who you really are!




About the organizers/facilitators

  • Karishma Manchanda is a Fitness Instructor for your Soul
    Master Trainer & Spiritual Life Coach

    Karishma is an MBA Grad, with over a decade of corporate experience. After designing countless training programs for corporates, she now conducts various courses that can help people re-write their life script. Karishma is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ( California Hypnosis Institute, USA) and is well versed with concepts of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Birth Matrix Reimprinting, Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Serenity Surrender, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, NLP, etc.

    Her zest to understand more on Life Script has led her to explore deeper concepts of Life Between Lives and study Soul Contracts. Her passion to help people heal themselves made her develop a series of workshops that have the power to transform and empower them to live the life they truly deserve.    

    Her achievements:

    • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute, USA)
    • Advance Hypnotic Techniques & Modalities such as Past Life Therapy, Age Regression, Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Birth Matrix Reimprinting
    • Womb Regression, Life Between Lives (California Hypnosis Institute, USA)
    • Fertility, Sexuality, Behavioural Issues & Medical Concepts (California)
    • Hypnosis Institute, (USA)
    • Serenity Surrender (Basic, Paver, Harmonizing Masculine Feminine,
    • Evolution, Advanced Evolution Cycle, etc.
    • Law of Attraction, Reiki (William Lee Rand Lineage), Theta Meditation,
    • Mindfulness, Chakra Healing, and many more

    About Her Workshops:
    Her workshops are designed to touch every 
    the facet of human experience. The curriculum of each workshop is optimized for profound personal growth that has the potential to shift the limiting beliefs and embryonic perception of Self, to imbibe the unlimited potential of the Soul. By combining the eureka of Mind - Body - Spirit trinity, massive spiritual awakening, and growth can be experienced. Each module is designed to harmonize physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and to bring the Soul in alignment with its higher purpose. 

    1. Healing with Akashic Intelligence – Learn tools to release the Past Life Karma
    2. Digging Deep – Clear traumatic life events registered in the subconscious mind and heal your life
    3. Manifesting Abundance – Know your Life Purpose and resolve 24 blocks to abundance
    4. Conscious Parenting – Free Self and the generations to come from Ancestral Karma
    5. Transforming Relationships – Resolve relationship conflicts
    6. Balancing Yin & Yang Within – Women only self-empowerment workshop to release societal comparisons and limitations of gender
    7. Dealing with Duality – Toolkit to speed up Spiritual Evolution
    8. Transcendence – Going beyond the physical dimensions
    9. Diseases & Disorders – Identifying the root cause of your physical symptoms and healing the physical body by harmonizing mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

    Mentorship Program:
    1. Healing Circle:
    Students may avail free membership to be a part of the Healing Circle. Apart from mentoring the students during their healing process, this membership includes invites for Meetups & Partner Healing Sessions that are organized to support
    the members through their journey called Life.           

    2. Personal Coaching:
    Students can avail of individual membership for short duration, generally 1-3 months. Includes personal therapy sessions and one-to-one coaching to stride over a persisting issue. 

    3. Therapy:
    Open for nonstudents, this monthly membership is an SOS, to help people through challenging times.


  • Inner Freedom, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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