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Have you ever noticed that there are some repetitive patterns in the family – some health issue
amongst various members of family, marriage not taking place or breaking at certain age etc.?
These are due to ancestral vows or curses. The energy field of our ancestors influences our
personal lives. We can draw from their strength as well as liberate ourselves from burdens that
have been carried over generations.
Ancestral healing is a profound practice that acknowledges the interconnectedness of
generations. It involves recognizing and addressing the emotional wounds, traumas, and
patterns passed down through family lines. It helps us to lift the veil of forgetting our true
potential and allows us to fully shine our light, supported by the souls that have been our
ancestors or karmic family, by making peace with past hurts and traumas.
While we all work on removing these negatives, we forget that there have also been blessings,
abundance and positives in our ancestral line. It can empower you to connect, repair and
nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors.
Join our Ancestral Consciousness Workshop, that helps to reconcile with our paternal and
maternal lineage, uncover suppressed matters, clear, and charge our personal energy field and
our family energy field, and awaken the potential of our bloodline.
This workshop hosted by our expert panel member, Joyita – Holistic Healing and Wellness
Facilitator, is thoughtfully designed to guide you on a journey towards releasing past traumas
and embracing the liberating power of forgiveness.
About the Facilitator : Joyita has devoted her life to educating herself in the divine arts of
Holistic healing & wellness, Energy Vastu and Akashic reading amongst other things. Her
persistent tryst with the healing energies have earned her the respect and love of her
colleagues and clients alike. A renowned Reiki Grand master, practicing for 25 years, she is also
well versed and adept at Dowsing, EFT, Inner-Child healing, Ancestral healing as well as
Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy. A sensitive and thoughtful Forgiveness Coach, she uses her
expertise at chakra balancing and Aura cleansing to enlighten your inner self.

Workshop Details:
Date : 29th - 30th September 2023

This is a WhatsApp and Zoom based workshop to clear your karmic debts towards your
Day 1 : WhatsApp content will be shared.
Day 2: Meditation on Zoom. Spiritual Clearing will be done during the period.
EE : Rs. 2100/-

With warmest regards,
Phone : +91-9717511617
Email : thehealingmiracles@gmail.com
Website : www.healingmiracles.in
Contact : 91-9717511617
Website : www.healingmiracles.in

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Joyita is a highly experienced Holistic Healing and Wellness Facilitator. A Reiki GrandMaster with 25 years of experience in multiple healing techniques, she adapts her approach to each individual and context, positively impacting many people worldwide. Her compassionate approach elevates the healing process to a spiritual and emotional level, and she runs her practice under the name Healing Miracles. Joyita is skilled in clearing the Bio-energetics of spaces (Energy Vastu), does Akashic Reading, Dowsing and Spiritual Clearing. She has gained trust of her clients for Animal Healing, She conducts EFT and Mindfulness sessions for various schools and corporates to manage stress and enhance efficiency,  is the Host of Inner Child Healing of a Global Community. She is also actively involved in social initiatives such as #FoodForAll, campaigning for breast cancer awareness and welfare of strays.


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