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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




Chaldean Numerology will be taught from the very basics. House, Mobile, vehicle Numerology will be taught. Name correction will be taken uo in details.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • A Right Place to learn and experience the magic of Numerology in a lucid and efficient way

    Lipiie loves to call herself a Spiritual Catalyst, an accomplished Healer in her own right.

    She left her corporate stint to look after her family as her husband was in a very demanding job. Never to sit back and laze around, she started studying and taking up numerous courses. She was suffering from multiple undiagnosed ailments, which propelled her to start her own Metaphysical journey. 

    In the process, she armed herself with Reiki Grandmaster certification. She now works with Autoimmune and Cancer patients for their holistic well-being after being certified.

    She is an NLP Trainer and Life Coach, Certified Accountability, Strategy, and DISC Assessment Coach from Master Coach University, Florida.

    She teaches Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, and other occult divination tools to enthusiastic students.

    She also helps people with their Birthdate and name alignment for maximum abundance in life.

    She is an Advanced Vedantin and Gita Graduate.


  • Online, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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