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Affirmations are starting points to heal any problems in our life.

We keep doing negative self-talk. This affects our environment. Our mind keeps involving in negative chatter continuously. And many times we are not even aware of its results.

Affirmations are positive sentences. They are used to correct our wrong perceptions and beliefs.

For example: if during childhood, we have seen the source of money as earned by only one person and working very hard for it, then our subconscious mind will create the same situation for us. Because subconscious mind knows it that way only.

But this is a wrong perception of money. It's a wrong belief system. When we realize this, we can correct that by using affirmations.

If you have health issues, how many times in a day do you keep telling it to your self that you are not well or you are suffering due to ill health? By doing that, actually, you are affirming again and again that you are not healthy. So, I am bringing this powerful workshop to help people change their lives.

Highlights of the workshop: Things you will learn

  1. Necessity and importance of using affirmations in daily life.

  2. Identifying negative chatter of the mind.

  3. Key points to be considered while creating affirmations.

  4. Two powerful techniques for using affirmations.

  5. Step-by-step process of creating appropriate affirmations.

  6. Exercise to create affirmations.

  7. List of ready-to-use affirmations on various aspects of daily life



  • You can identify your own issues and create affirmations on your own. This gives a tremendous amount of independence from going to a healer or therapist again and again for small issues, which you can handle on your own.

  • You develop a habit of positive thinking. So, your thoughts start transforming from negative to positive.

  • Those who already have positive thinking can use their skill in a proper direction.

  • Using affirmations starts a process of change of life from helplessness to be in charge of life.

  • Because our thoughts are the basis of the foundation of our reality, affirmations help us change our current reality.

  • It starts a deeper processes of Healing.


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About the organizers/facilitators

  • Archana Kulkarni is an expert in the field of Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Regression Therapies.

    Her qualifications

    Archana graduated in Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII) and did her Post Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapies(PG-TRT) from TASSO, an Institute of repute from the Netherlands.

    Expertise cannot be reached without developing oneself in many ways. So between her Hypnotherapy and PG-TRT, she learned Silva Ultramind ESP from the ‘Intuition expert,’ Dr. Rajendra Kulkarni, Pranic Healing 1st level, Aura Photography, Dowsing, Access Bars, etc. These courses and continuous reading of professional literature developed the Holistic approach within her.

    Her achievements

    Since Archana started her practice in 2009, she is fortunate to have healed a number of people who were suffering from different diseases – physical, psychological, or psychosomatic. 

    The PG-TRT brought in the razor-sharp expertise in her therapies – making them faster, highly result-oriented and extremely effective. This is more than evident from her client’s improved lifestyles and happy faces.

    From a homemaker to a healer

    Before coming to this professional domain, Archana was just a Bachelor of Commerce. She did Inter C.A. and Inter ICWA. 

    In spite of her degrees, she was a housewife. She, being a profession-minded person, was then feeling completely helpless, powerless, and depressed for just being a housewife.

    It was then that she made a choice to be a Hypnotherapist. A big decision...a strong one. It changed her life.

    Now that she has decidedly transformed her life into a blissful experience on this planet Earth, she decided to enable others too to transform their lives.


    Archana, in her words:
    “I am sure you also desire to change your life. You also want only situations in your life and not the problems. You will realize the difference between a situation and a problem once you transform your life.”

    Her purpose of life

    Her rising professional expertise has automatically helped her in aligning herself with the purpose of her life – ‘Healing people and transforming their lives, bringing love, peace, happiness, harmony and prosperity in their lives. Making them feel strong and powerful!’

    According to Archana, when her clients are back to their ‘Real-Self,’ when they start living their life fully when their issues of relationship, money, career, and health get resolved through her, it gives her the greatest high – the feeling of being elevated!!!

    Archana is grateful to her husband Dr. Rajendra Kulkarni for helping and supporting her in her mission. She is thankful to her daughter for always being there whenever she needed her.


  • Ghodbunder rd., Thane, Mumbai., Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India


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