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Why is life so hard? Why am I stuck and unable to move forward? Why are my relationships unsupportive? When will I experience financial abundance?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions? If yes, you are not alone. We all occasionally wonder, why are we unable to create the life that we truly deserve.

Well, here’s the ANSWER. Because every thought we think, about ourselves and our life, becomes true for us. The thoughts we think and the words we speak, create our experiences. When we keep focusing on the negative, we create more of that. No matter what the problem is, or how bad our life feels now, we can create a huge shift! By simply shifting our thoughts and feelings.

This Webinar is based on the work of Louise Hay, the author of the incredible best-selling book Heal Your Life and champion of the self-love movement.

And we will tell you how to:

· Get ‘unstuck’ from limiting past experiences

· Get introduced to the Thought Cycle

· Uncover negative beliefs that don’t support you

· Rediscover powerful ways of thinking

· Learn ways to love yourself even more

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About the organizers/facilitators

  • Almost a decade ago, I was having the life of my dreams- the “perfect” career, flowing income, a wonderful relationship. I was living in the big city of my dreams where I could fulfil all my desires. All the boxes for the plan of life were ticked off and yet I found myself stuck on the hospital bed asking myself the very existential questions of life.

    I took a closer look and realised that there was a lot of pain, sense of suffering and grief. And the current life is only mirroring what had actually been a life-long impression.

    The process of healing and recovery was quite frightening with no clue of what lies ahead. And yet there was a small, still voice which was urging me to have faith. And so I did.

    The beginning of a healing journey can feel very overwhelming as we don’t know the where and how to begin? Who to talk to? What to trust?

    And yet , If you are willing to take this very small step even with little faith, your inner world will blossom and respond with lasting joy and bliss.

    ​With these thoughts, I founded INTUITIVE WIZDOM in 2015 with the flagship programme - Heal Your Life inspired by the Book of the best-selling author Louise Hay. Since then, I have been conducting workshops and coaching sessions based on the fundamental principles of Human experiences which is “Our thoughts create our reality”. I have successfully supported many people to transform their lives into more meaningful joyous experiences.

    My workshops help you
    - Identify Negative Thought Loops
    - Discover Mind-Body Connection
    - Heal the Child Within
    - Learn About Family and Team Dynamics and Stress Response
    - Get Rid of Damaging Emotions
    - Clear Through Forgiveness
    - Create New Desired Experiences

    I specialize in ‘Heart-centered business training and coaching’ for the organisations. I am a part of a growing global network of 155 specialized facilitators present across 30 countries and growing.


  • Online, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


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