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Don't miss this unique workshop by Ritu Tandon, designed to improve your happiness quotient!

Happiness is not only the deepest desire of the heart but also your right to live a fulfilled life. In pursuit of our daily life and chasing unending ambitious goals, we forget to enjoy the small joys life offers at every moment.

As a result, we spend life relentlessly chasing happiness rather than discovering it inside our heart.

A happy life is a life lived well.

It helps you deal with challenges and problems with ease and calm rather than with stress and anxiety. A happy person enjoys better health parameters and has more energy to do the daily chores. Happiness overcomes frustration and keeps you mentally peaceful to live a more content life. A happy person manages all relationships much better. 

Happiness adds zest and enthusiasm to all areas of life. In spite of its numerous advantages,  people have forgotten what it takes to be “ HAPPY.“ 

So letʼs rewire our brains to live each day in the happiest way.

Happiness is not a virtue but a habit, which we need to develop. So, letʼs inculcate this habit and gift ourselves a happy life ahead. 


The workshop will include:

  • A small meditation to kick start with a positive mindset and get into a receptive mode
  • A small presentation to understand the physiology of happiness in our body and itʼs impact on our life
  • Sharing of scientific data to illustrate the relationship between health and happiness
  • Checking your own happiness quotient and understanding that blaming circumstances or people will never improve happiness in your life BUT taking charge of your life will
  • Discovering your own happiness formula 
  • Use of NLP techniques to induce a state of happiness and anchor a response and storing that in your system
  • Writing your positive affirmations and happiness goals
  • Sharing tips to increase daily happiness
  • Story-telling to reiterate the above learnings and sharing views to integrate the learnings into our life
  • Question/answer with the expert


About Facilitator:

Ritu Tandon is a trained NLP ( Neuro linguistic program) practitioner and has acquired a basic understanding of hypnotherapy, Time Line Management, and Life & Breakthrough Coaching. She also practices as a Happiness Coach. She has been practicing meditation and healing for the past few years. Avid reading and self-introspection have given her the focus and the purpose to live a more significant life. Taking this journey forward of empowering people to live their best lives has become her purpose in life. She will empower you to take charge of your life.


Highlights of the workshop: 

  • Learning NLP techniques to change state from feeling low to feeling happy
  • Art and science of staying happy 24x7
  • Creating happiness affirmations 
  • Checking your happiness score 
  • A daily dose of happiness meditation



The session will help you:

  • Elevate your spirits and live life with a positive approach
  • You will learn to be a happier person and, thus, improve your relationships in all areas of life
  • It will also help you to let go of issues, which are holding you back from living a fulfilling life
  • You will discover your own inner beauty and state of joy, which is already existing inside you, but you are unaware.
  • You will learn to smile more and worry less


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About the organizers/facilitators

  • Life Positive in close collaboration with renowned and experienced spiritual practitioners regularly organizes world class workshops and events for mind-body-spirit rejuvenation. These life changing events are a result of in-depth research and work done by Life Positive and it's partner healers/experts starting from picking topics which address pressing personal growth issues to how these workshops should be best delivered. With many years of experience, Life Positive has successfully helped thousands of seekers make long-lasting positive changes to their life.


  • F 1/9, Phase 1, Okhla, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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