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What  comfort is this  journal - I tell myself and throw the burden on my book and feel relieved 


Journaling about your feelings when you are feeling gloomy, stuck in a rut and stressed, managing anxiety, depression, and other mental issues can be a great way and very therapeutic.


Writing allows you to express yourself freely, it helps you streamlining those running thoughts and help your analyze why are you feeling this way, it helps you move beyond and helps you heal, it empowers.

When you write to discover hat your emotion and perception of experiences are telling you about yourself. You need not be a terrific writer for this.

Journaling is different than writing a diary, a s writing a diary is just putting your random thoughts on to paper, while journaling is much more structured. 

In fact, Journal therapy is a part of healing technique for many therapists.

Many people feel Journal therapy is not for them as writing is not everybody s cup of tea, Also some people fear to put their innermost feelings on paper, however since you can write the way you want, in fact, some people also like to journal in their computers, which is also fine.


There are also scientific links between Journaling and healing. Journal Therapy is used for grief and trauma handling.


Join me this on this amazing journey, and help yourself through writing.



About the organizers/facilitators

  • The journey of Smriieti S Sethu in the spiritual world started after losing a loved one. The passing over was tremendously difficult for her to handle. While she was grappling in the dark to find her way, Reiki found her.

    Unaware of this side of life, Smriieti walked in through the doors with many doubts, but she never looked back after that. One after the other, teachers appeared in Smreeti’s life just at the right time and her path kept getting clearer and guided.

    Smriieti is a healer. She uses many modalities, Reiki being her favorite. Along with being a Reiki Master, she is a tarot reader, hypnotherapist, numerologist, and does automatic writing.


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