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Transformative NLP International
Transformative NLP Training International | NLP Courses, opp. ST Lawrence School, Kandivali, Thakur




International NLP Certification Course of New Code NLP Training

> Heal and enhance your life by learning more than 15 NLP Techniques and tools.

> Heal and enhance your life through playing Games.

> Heal relationships.

> Heal memories.

> Enhance peacefulness, calmness, confidence and other emotions.

> Activate and balance both hemispheres of brain

> Learn techniques and tools to enhance your professional life.

Facilitator: Abhay U Thakkar - Internationally Certified NLP and New Code NLP Trainer.

Website: t-nlp-i.com

Contact no: 9769274933

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Abhay Thakkar (Founder and Lead Trainer of Transformative NLP International) is an Internationally certified NLP trainer. He is the first NLP Trainer in India to provide both - NLP as well as New Code NLP Trainings - which are internationally recognized and certified by- co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP – John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP – Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll.

    He is a member of ITA (International Trainers Academy) founded by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP). The mission of the ITA is to provide the highest quality of NLP Training to participants.

    Being an Internationally certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer, he has assisted over thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome physical, emotional, mental and psychological issues with the power of the mind in his private practice and group workshops.

    He has been working in India’s leading rehabilitation centres – Sunshine Wellness Rehabilitation Centre and Dr. Goel Hospital for over 5 years.

    He has conducted workshops for corporates such as Varmora, pediatric dentists at DY Patil college, students at VJTI college, Thakur college, the staff at SNDT college, NGOs such as Khulla Asmaan and even Mumbai Police.

    Website: t-nlp-i.com


  • Transformative NLP International, Transformative NLP Training International | NLP Courses, opp. ST Lawrence School, Kandivali, Thakur


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