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Pocket 1, Dwarka, Delhi, India




While many students aspire to choose psychology as their career option, they have little or no understanding of the field. The workshop has been designed with an aim to gain some specific skills.

This two-hour workshop gives an insight into the various options for students who wish to pursue psychology as a career.

This workshop also emphasizes the importance of the emotional skills required for professionals in this field. This is ideal for school and college students but is open to anyone who is considering to choose psychology/ mental health/counseling as their career option.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Mahalakshmi Rajagopal is a Psychiatric Social Worker, Psychologist, Pranic Healer and Certified Trainer, Crystal Healer and EFT Practitioner. She has been a dedicated Holistic Practitioner, from the last 25 years. With more than two decades into healing, Mahalakshmi also offers aura reading consultations which cover the overall personality of the individual, his/ her strengths, and weakness, and suggestions as to what may be the steps taken to overcome and enhance their aura and thus themselves. She feels strongly for the positive impact of alternative medicine on the psychiatric patients. For the same reason, she has been teaching and practicing healing for all types of physiological ailments, and psychological ailments. In 2013, 'I am My Own Sunshine', a book of short stories based on various cases handled by her, was published.


  • Pocket 1, Pocket 1, Dwarka, Delhi, India


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