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18-B Highway Apts
Ghazipur, Delhi




Want to be a Master of Reiki? Here is your golden chance!

Grab Reiki Grand Master degrees through this workshop. You will hardly get such an opportunity elsewhere. Even if you get, you may not be in contact with one of the best Reiki masters of the city. 

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Highlights of Reiki Grand Master course:

Revision of level 1 to Mastership.
Healing of various diseases in different methods.
Attunement procedure of 3B and Grandmaster.
Reiki has 3 levels. The third level is the master level. It makes you the Grand Master of Reiki. 

If you think Reiki is rocket science, you are wrong. It is all about recognizing and harnessing the energy within you and harmonizing it with the Divine energy. This brings in tremendous healing. It awakens you spiritually. A lot of good happens when you are attuned with the Divine energy and when your energy chakras are functioning well. 

So, what's stopping you from becoming the master?

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Rajkumar Goel has been practicing Reiki since 2000.

    He is a postgraduate in physics. This helps him to analyze any situation logically and scientifically. He applies all his scientific skills to research on Reiki. He uses various techniques like Angel Therapy, White Dragon Therapy, Magic Reiki, etc. to heal a situation or a person, make them a positive thinker, and to find their inner joy.

    After learning Reiki he saw its amazing results on physical, mental, and emotional levels. He believes that everyone is eligible to have an abundance of health and wealth through Reiki. A humanitarian by heart, he uses Reiki for the betterment of humankind. He has chosen to dedicate his life to the spiritual healing of society. He always conducts his sessions by putting his faith in the universal life force energy.

    According to him, Reiki is about love and light. The universe takes care of you, once you open your eyes to see the unseen. He is a motivational guide. He has also done his Master's Diploma in Sujok (Acupressure).


  • 18-B Highway Apts, Ghazipur, Delhi


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