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By : LifePositive Others : Mr. Vineet Jain


Through this workshop, the art of self-healing and distance healing will be imparted to the attendees. The participants can observe a significant change in their way of life after this two-day workshop. They will be able to get a new perspective on life. Not only that, they will sense blockages in living / non-living energies with ease. The distance healing capability will help them aid distant contacts within a short span of time.

The affirmations will also be taught at a higher level. It will help you improve your way of living, transforming thoughts into reality in a much more natural way.

Highlights of the workshop:

• Feel and check your Self-Aura and also of those around you.

• Check the Aura blockages in self and others.

• Perform touch healing for self and others.

• Know about Chakras, their colours, their role in our body system, and how do they control us.

• You will be Attuned to Reiki symbols. Not only that, you will be taught to use them for Reiki healings.

Modalities Used:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) has been used widely for getting various wishes fulfilment and many other things. However, my understanding for EFT is to open the deep-rooted blockages, using our own hands and affirmations. We can use them to heal physical and mental clearing. EFT when appropriately used, it helps from acute cervical to even paralytic cases. I have seen wonders happening in the world using this excellent combination.


Para-Psychic Intentional energy is a way of performing healing for self or others with a better and strong intention. PSI helps with a much more powerful healing energy than any other conventional method. PSI helps in better healing to multiple energies from one place.

About the Facilitator

Vineet Jain, a certified Reiki Grand Master from Delhi (India), is into Reiki training and Reiki healing since 2008. He uses all the cosmic energies that can be used for healing and burning the blockages of life. Also, he won an International Gold medal for Reiki from the University of Infinitism, Florida in 2017 and uses EFT, PSI, Theta healing, crystal healing, sound healing in his training or healing sessions.

What all other benefits do you receive with this workshop?

1. Lunch & Refreshments.
2. Free Life Positive surprise goody bag.

To know more and book your seat:

Contact us at 8527622018


About the organizers/facilitators

  • Life Positive Foundation is a not for profit trust, which was established by Life Positive. The soul mission of Life Positive Foundation is to offer high value personal & spiritual growth workshops in order to bring transformative changes to seekers lives. With hundreds of seasoned healers and therapists as facilitators, this foundation organizes events and workshops across India


  • F 1 by 9, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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