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Reiki is a Japanese technique which helps in holistic healing. It aids you to not only heal your physical body but also brings about changes in your mind, attitude and helps in your spiritual growth. It helps you heal yourself, your kids, your loved ones and even your pets. 

Reiki Level 1 Course Details :
1. Introduction to Reiki :
 What is Reiki · Science of Reiki · Benefit of Reiki · Principal of Reiki · How to learn Reiki 

2. History of Reiki 
About Mikau Usui · About Chujiro Hayashi · About Hawayo Takata · Modern Development in Reiki 

3. Attunement 
OM Chanting · Suggested Reiki Products  Aana Pana Sati · White Light Meditation Attunement Session

4. Self Healing of Full Body 
5. Self Healing of the Seven Chakras
6. Healing any particular affected body part 
7. Healing other's Full Body 
8. Healing other's Seven Chakras
9. Water Charging 
10. Goal Achieving 
11. Gratitude 
12. Doubt Session

Reiki Second Degree welcomes you into the world of distant healing.

-After Attunement of second degree you will be able to send healing distantly anywhere.

-You will get three most powerful symbols through which you can heal anyone in world without any limitation of time, space.

- You can heal your past traumas, childhood sufferings, relationships, past lives, job, career, future events, goal manifesting, objects living and non living both

-You will also learn about crystals and their healing properties.

Reiki Level 2 
Course Contents:
1. First Degree Revision
2. Meditation Attunement Ceremony
3. Three Symbols - Use of Symbols
4. Distant Healing Process
5. Self Healing and Other's Healings
6. Your Daily Self Healing Process
7. Knowledge of Crystals - 3 Crystals and How you can heal with crystals
8. Basics of Pendulum Dowsing
9. Pyramid healing
10. Few Tips and Techniques

You will receive the following as a part of this workshop:
1. Certificate
2. Manual
3. Two free Healing Sessions
4. Two Free Card Readings

About the organizers/facilitators

  • During her college days, Anamika was often drawn towards the unknown world - the supernatural powers of the cosmic energies. Curious, she tried to gather knowledge several times on her own and through her close ones. Anamika felt the need to learn more about the powers of the occult field, wherein, reiki attracted her towards itself. Her journey as a healer began when she felt attracted towards Reiki healing. Her fondness for Reiki prompted her learnt crystal therapy, Angel therapy, tarot card reading and inference, and several other modalities of healing. Once deeply into the occult field, she experienced mystifying results; hence, kept on searching for more as the quest arose. Gradually, on receiving cosmic guidance, she moved into the occult line with full dedication. Anamika says that it’s a blessing from the Gods and the Angels that she can make a difference in people's lives.


  • Rohini, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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