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Do the issues in your family drive you mad and cause distress?


Do you feel victimized and feel like you don’t receive the level of compassion you deserve?


Do you get irritated with what you see going on in your family and wonder why such behaviour continues to exist?


Do you feel a sense of disconnect with people around you?


Let me help you in answering these questions and solving your problems.


When: September 25 & 26

Time: 3 p.m to 5 p.m

Where: Zoom

Investment: Rs.3,600

Register on: 9873045554


Purpose of this Workshop


To understand the patterns and traumas that run in our family line and heal them.

To help us to heal from the wounds of inherited trauma.

Science shows us that unresolved trauma can be transferred from one generation to the next and from one lifetime to another and so on

In this workshop, we will learn how to break cycles of trauma and create cycles of healing. It is important that we begin to heal and return to a space of wholeness.

It is time that we begin to heal the wounds in our lineage so that they don't get passed on to the next generation or next life cycle


"Every person who heals himself helps heal all who came before and after him."

Moments of Previous Workshop

About the organizers/facilitators

  • A person who is highly intuitive and possesses divine consciousness, Hema’s mission in life is to help, inspire, guide, and empower the lives of people who are in need of it.

    She is a certified Tarot card reader with an experience of more than 12 years and has even guided others in the art of reading Tarot Cards.

    She guides people in various techniques of meditation that improve their focus, and awareness and helps them in achieving relaxation. 

    Hema has mastered the technique of reading the Akashic Records which tell one about the soul’s journey, and the imprints the past lives have on the current life.

    She also practices Shamanism where she acts as a bridge between the spiritual and the modern world to borrow guidance and wisdom from the spirits to help people in gaining a deeper insight into their lives.

    By combining Akashic reading and Shamanism, she can explore the strengths of the person and clear energy blockages that stand in the way of leading a happy and successful life.

    She has also helped many clients through past life regression therapy.

    Hema also employs Reiki and Pranic healing for her clients. These energy-healing processes aim to balance or transform the energy of the body to restore physical, mental, and emotional health.

    She is experienced in Mandala reading where the personality and challenges of a person are assessed through their Mandala. She does automatic writing which is an effective communication tool.

    She participated in a Vipassana meditation camp which is an ancient Buddhist technique performed to establish deep interconnection between the mind and body.

    It is with such powerful spiritual insights and a tremendous amount of knowledge, that she has been successfully able to transform the lives of many individuals. 

    She continues to expand her knowledge and learn about other spiritual techniques that can be implemented to empower people in an even better way.

    Her services come under one big umbrella called “Spiritual Secrets”. You can contact her on Facebook, Instagram, and Just Dial as well.


  • Online-Platform Zoom, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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