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Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner Level 1 Training Program

If you are feeling guided to join us for this program, know that Angels are guiding you to do so. Thank you for your interest in moving up on your spiritual pathway through the able mentorship of our Founder - Roshani Shenazz an internationally eminent, Spiritual Medium, Mentor and Author.

The All New Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner – Level 1 Training Program, since last year, is being done more on a personal format than open-ended formats. The good news is that Ms. Roshani, as guided, has been conducting the workshop when Divinity brings someone to her who is ready to walk the path of love and healing, even if it is an individual or group souls of friends who wish to do it together. A convenient date is channeled and more group souls who had shared the interest are informed and then those dates are shared for inviting other souls who may feel guided and wish to attend on the already channeled dates.

Adhering to that guidance, two sets of dates have currently been channeled. Kindly let us know your confirmation option.

Two Batches coming up in MUMBAI:

  • 26th 27th 28th April - Fri-Sun 10 am to 7 pm
  • 3rd 4th 5th May - Fri-Sun 10 am to 7 pm

We have a powerful and inspiring 3-Day Training Program comprising of personal and channeled information, meditative-healing exercises, and skills which Roshani Shenazz shall extend to the lovely soul participants.

“You cannot give that which you don’t have”

Therefore, to be of help to others in the future, in case you take up Angel Soul Therapy professionally, (after Level 2/ Level 3), you need to be first empowered yourself. And even if you don’t want to make it a profession, service to one's own self, family and friends, is also a Universal Service.

Our Workshop Uniqueness is:

  1. Our workshop contains 30% of knowledge of Angel Theory and 70% of directly channeled exercises and Divine Wisdom received from the Divine Source itself, which is actually the key to become an accurate Divine Channel of Divine services of any Guidance Reading, Healing or Learning.
  2. We mentor our participants and nurture them, guide them constantly post workshop through dedicated groups on What's App and Facebook adding that personal touch of almost mentoring them as Divine Children.

In this Level One, Angels emphasize that we detoxify, cleanse, and prepare you for your forward journey, whether as an individual or as a Universal Light-worker, (ANGEL SOUL THERAPY PRACTITIONER & HEALING MEDIUM - AFTER LEVEL 2). The channeled knowledge imparted through the Divinely Channelled Practical exercises and modules for cleansing, detoxification, and other powerful meditations with Attunements; open up your Inner Gifts, Clairs and Intuitive self for ascending your beautiful soul with grace and gratitude. If you wish to walk the pathless path of Light in its true essence and sacredness, then OUR WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU.


Highlights of the Workshop:

~ Knowing about Guardian Angels, Archangels and different Divine Beings

~ What are the Attributes & Specific Healing areas of each Angel.

~ How & which Color Light & Angel helps for what attribute & aspect of our Lives.

~ Knowing yourself, Universal Awareness, Why are we here?

~ How to develop your Spiritual Intuitive Self, Polishing your Intuitions & Clairs.

~ Angel Numbers

~ Chakras, Aura and its cleansing, locking

~ Angel Cards Cleansing & Reading/ Intuitive Reading with unknown partners at Workshop.

~ Psychic Partner exercises

~ One Card Angel Reading with Roshani Shenazz, for each Participant + channeled messages during the participant sharing of the healing processes



There is no instant magic in divinity; but there are instant and distant miracles when we co-create our highest good with these divine beings and more as per our divine timing.

To be a Divine Medium is a Karmic responsibility, and unless we have truly emptied ourself and risen above our toxic life patterns we can’t possibly be a clean divine instrument for the divine energies or messages to flow into and through us.

You are embarking on a journey to open up all gateways to a Fulfilling Wholeistic Life, so that "YOU CAN START RESPONDING TO LIFE, RATHER THAN REACTING TO LIFE." You will be moved towards Co-creating this beautiful Life with Divinity as your constant companion.


*Training Program – This is a Training Program in Three Levels, whereby as guided the participants can become Angel Soul Therapy Practitioners after Level 2.

Roshani Shenazz Founder of Wholeistic Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. And Sparkling Angels - a WHOLEistic Sanctuary for Integrated Spiritual Growth through - Guidance, Mentoring, Healing and Empowerment Training for overall Wellness and Well-being; is an Approved Training Provider by the IPHM U.K. (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). 

Certification awarded for Training Programs and Workshops conducted by the Founder - Roshani Shenazz who is an accredited IPHM Approved Therapist, bear the IPHM Approved Therapist and Training Provider Logos.




Be Blessed; Stay Blessed!!!

Wishing you Love Light and Everything Bright and Right for Divine Magic to Happen Now!

Moments of Previous Workshop

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Wholeistic Living Empowerist is an “Approved Therapist” and “Training Provider” with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), UK.

    In the second innings of her inspirational life, bestselling Author and Wholeistic Living. Empowerist, Roshani Shenazz conducts Spiritual Growth/Inner Potential Workshops, Seminars, Retreats, Meditations, and Sessions, through her successful Wholeistic Living & Holistic Healing Centre™. A dynamic 23 years in media and films, where she worked for some of the biggest names in TV and the Indian Film Industry was interrupted by an unfortunate prolonged illness compounded by sheer medical negligence during 2005-2006, which got her temporarily immobilized waist downwards. Financially broke and living with her then 85 years old Father, she later sold her home to repay debts. Many other closures of her life, followed thereafter. What stayed with her was implicit faith, fortitude, courage and determination to rise above it all. Interactions with two faith healers during her seeming illness and later an Angel book from a friend and the Charles Virtue Angel workshop in 2010, made Roshani more cognizant of the intervention of these powerful beings in human lives.

    Trusting her intuition despite financial obstacles, she quit her media dream job to embark on her spiritual journey to enthuse people unveil their own divine potential and recognize the same in others. Transformation followed and still continues with Roshani inspiring many lives across the Globe. Roshani’s mission is to empower and inspire as many souls across the world to discover their true selves, their passions, their life purpose, their own divinity and that of others, and ultimately serve as a Universal Citizen by being the best version of who they can truly be, while igniting the inner Light of many along the way.


  • Wholeistic Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. - Western Suburbs, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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