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C23, Flower Queen, Opp. ICICI Bank, Veera Desai Road, Near Azad Nagar Metro Station, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400058
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




GMCKS Pranic healing is a no-touch, no drug, and an energy-based scientific healing system. You can heal yourself as well as your family and friends with Pranic Healing. Pranic healing can in fact also help heal your situations and circumstances in life including your relationships, your business, and professional life and even your financial matters. Pranic distance healing is very effective and provides for easy accessibility in today’s life. With Pranic distance healing, you can heal the patient even when he is away from you. The class includes in-depth knowledge, practical session, presentation and book on aura and chakras. The practical sessions on healing are simple and easy to learn and you learn to begin healing from the first day itself. The class includes meditation on twin hearts which is a very powerful technique to get in tune with divine energies which bring health, happiness, joy, prosperity, and abundance in life.













This class helps greatly in one’s physical growth, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It is in fact life-changing. It gives you the ability to heal yourself and family members as well as others. It also provides you an opportunity to take up pranic healing as a profession. Distance healing gives immense freedom in helping and healing the patient wherever he or she may be.

























Those who are enthusiastic about taking good care of their own and family health would benefit greatly by attending this class. This class is also highly beneficial if you want to take up pranic healing as a profession.

























Pranic healing does not involve any medication and hence does not have any side effects. It, in fact, helps reduce the side effects of medicines. Pranic healing is a bridge to spiritual growth and development.













About the organizers/facilitators

  • Mohammedi has been interested in Spirituality and social welfare since childhood, In his youth he has spent the time to visit slum people and help them and their kids. He has a dream to bring Heaven on earth.

    He is a Senior Manager with a leading corporate in India.

    After marriage, he encountered family challenges which led him to Pranic Healing in June 2011.

    He learned, healed, and experimented with Pranic healing for months before. he was convened that this is something that is priceless, invaluable, and life-changing.

    Mohammedi got trained under rigorous requirements that a PH trainer has to undergo and was awarded traineeship in 2015. He also enrolled for and successfully completed the esteemed Associate Certified Pranic healer course. This certificate is issued from Manila Philippines.

    Mohammedi has been an extremely successful trainer and an equally result-oriented healer. He has got reviews, testimonials, and continuous appreciation of his students and patients.

    Mohammedi is committed to Trainer and Healer, Please do give him an opportunity for healing and join his class to be trained as a Pranic Healer.


  • C23, Flower Queen, Opp. ICICI Bank, Veera Desai Road, Near Azad Nagar Metro Station, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400058 , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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