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Andheri East Mumbai
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




Quick Overview

Lama Fera healing is a powerful Buddhist Healing technique used by the Tibetan Lamas using powerful symbols to heal all aspects of life. It is considered as the worlds fastest & most powerful healing technique and it can be offered as Distant Healing also.


Benefits of Lama- Fera Healing Therapy

✓ Remove Black Magic (Negative Energy)
✓ Removes Evil Eye
✓ Heals Emotional Problems
✓ Heals Physical Illness
✓ Heals Energy Imbalances
✓ Heals Neurological Problems
✓ Clears Vaastu Dosh
✓ Vaastu Cleansing/Healing of House & Office



Moments of Previous Workshop

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Deepika Taneja is a well-known Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Grandmaster, Numerologist, Lama Fera Master and Angel Therapist; based out of Pune. A very talented person who has dedicated her life for the wellbeing of the mankind, Deepika is also a medium between the Angel-World and the Human-World. Attuned with ArchAngels, Spirit Guides and Accesendant Masters, she also trains people who are interested in learning spiritual healing modalities. 
    Deepika started her career with Paytm. She worked with Syska too. However, she was never satisfied with what she was doing. She knew it from the beginning that she has to do something BIG! And when finally she got clarity of her Life Purpose, she surrendered herself in the spiritual world. 
    Deepika started her Tarot journey in 2013. Since then she is accurately predicting others’ potential future. Apart from card reading, she has hands-on experiences in other healing methods too. With the help of the divine angels, she uses her psychic power to heal and re-balance peoples’ body and emotions through Angel Therapy. Additionally she does Automatic Writing too. 
    Deepika Taneja is also an expert in Lama Fera healing, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing, Candle Magic, Candle Wax Reading, Reiki, Relationship Healing, Negative Cord Cutting and various Spells & Rituals. A lot of her clients got benefited with the rituals and spells done by her. 
    Aura Scanning and Cleansing is another feather on her crown!  With the help of Arch Angel Michael and others, she heals her clients by cleansing their aura. 
    The name of her institute is Mystic Lightpath. Apart from healing and card reading, Deepika also teach these modalities to her students. She takes classes in person as well as online. Moreover, she keeps on conducting various workshops related to diverse techniques. 


  • Andheri East Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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