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Dilshad Garden,
New Delhi, Delhi, India




Join us for the Reiki - Level 3A, workshop

Workshop program:

1. Attunements and initiation with the Master Reiki Symbol to all the students.

This will help the students to learn to do healing in a much faster and efficient way. Powerful topics like 'Psychic attack' will lso be covered here. The students will also be able to do ‘Psychic Surgeries’ which will help to perform many other healings for health issues like Cancer, Kidney damages, Liver damages, Job promotions, Personal matters, Goal Manifestation and more.

On completion of this course, the students will attain almost all the new and modern Symbols which one needs to learn.

2. We first of all teach them to treat Psychic Attack or Black Magic as we call it. This is a mind boggling chapter, which we have been scared of at times. We have seen our students doing treatments for Black Magic removal after this with great success.

3. The above is followed by a small break for tea or snacks

4. Next topic covered is Kineseology. This helps diagnose the blockages in the bodies  without any X-Ray or other tests. Sometimes. Various Reiki instruments, such as a Dowser, Tibetan Bell would be used to do this.

5. Then some new Symbols of Reiki will be discussed. These shall be illustrated with practicals.

6. The concluding part is to unite lovers and to remove the third entity from one’s personal life. This symbol combination has helped a lot of couples uniting and breaking off with the third one responsible for spoiling their personal lives.

7. The workshop shall be concluded by providing certification and sharing some past experiences of students.

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Vineet Jain considers himself no different than others. He is 44, married, has a loving wife and two children, and lives with his parents. His father started a manufacturing/ exports business of Drip and Sprinkler irrigation components in 1983. He always had a desire for doing something different than what is typically taught in schools and colleges. He was least interested in the usual routine. It took him a long time to realise that there was a reason for him being a backbencher at the school. He loved listening to the birds, animals and even the sound of non-living things around him. Teachers often mistook him for a daydreamer, and this resulted in him being punished on several occasions. After getting his Reiki Attunement level 1-2 in 1997, Vineet was excited as he felt like a superhuman. He started giving free healings/ readings to whoever needed it. He even ignored the Energy Exchange principle taught to him at that moment. The consequences were soon reflected, as he was on the bed in 2005 for at least 18 months, and even doctors were unable to identify, what had happened to him. His family and a friend helped him during his toughest days. It was then he thought of learning Reiki from the start. As he started Reiki lessons, he realised that he was the one who created all the blockages for himself, and was blaming others unnecessarily. He had ignored all the basic rules of Reiki and faced the consequences. However, he managed to earn his Reiki Grand Mastership certificate in 2008. He realised that it is his responsibility to share his experiences and lessons with the world. Now, he is again in a learning phase and considers every day as a new lesson Nowadays, Vineet Jain is using Usui Reiki Healing, EFT, PSI, Theta healing, Karuna Reiki, Body Talking in his teaching / healing sessions. He has also started group / corporate coaching and meditation sessions and is open to anything new that may heal the universe.


  • Dilshad Garden,, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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