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*Energy Vastu Correction of House*

Online Energy Vastu Correction done with God’s Love - God Frequency 

πŸ’” Is there an unnecessary fights / frustrations / anger in the house????

πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€ Family members being irritated in the house?  

❌ πŸ’°No finance in the house?  No progress?  

πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚ Children not listening? 

πŸ—£ Fight with spouse?  πŸ‘ΎYou Feel there is some entity in the house? 

πŸ‘Ή Some negative energy in the house?  

πŸ‘£ Cheating? Stealing? Not good House Staff?

🌻We have the answer for Allll...

*Energy Vastu Correction of the House wt God Frequency*

🌻 This will be a 1 Month Energy Healing of House and all the members living in that house... 

🌻 3 Video Shields

🌻 Daily Videos  will be given…

🌻 You will see Changes Instantly…

It is Online Vastu Correction Session

*Only @ 999/- Rs.*

*Its starting from 15th March*

* So What will be done?*

🏑 Daily a Video will be given to play

🏑 Daily Healing of 20 hours

🏑 Will be working on the energies of the house.

🏑 Negativity clearing.

🏑 Energies of the family members will be cleared.

🏑 Clearning of any other pentup energies in the house.

🏑 Rectification of Vastu Dosha of the house.

This price is for 2 Bedroom, hall, kitchen space

Every room 199/- additional.

Bungalow 299/- additional

 Ask for the right price.


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*English Explanation*


Dr. Cheryl Dabhi


Moments of Previous Workshop

About the organizers/facilitators

  • Dr. Cheryl Dabhi discovered that she is a gifted child, she could actually listen and converse with God / Angels / Jesus and more since childhood.  She also sang soul song and had a healing hand. Her spiritual journey began quite early since her childhood. She had a very strong inclination towards spirituality, energetic healing and alternative healing.  So she persuaded Doctor in Naturopathy Sciences and also became an energy healer in 1999,  exploring different modalities of alternative and energetic healing ranging from pranic healing, reiki, theta healing, soul healing, angel therapy, tarot reading, angel reading, dousing,  vastu,  access bar, and much more. From many renowned national and international gurus.



    Dr. Dabhi got Enlightenment in 2013. During the Enlightenment experience, she was connected to Source/Paramatma/Nirakaar/God and she experienced god sitting in her heart (space where the heart chakra is rooted in the Meridian). During the 1.5 months of trance state, she was worked upon by the divine and given a vast knowledge of spirituality. A healing technique named "God's Love" was imparted to her.


    Connecting people to God

    During this interaction with source/god, Dr. Dhabi was taught how to connect people to god and was told that this is her Life purpose. Dr. Dhabi is now continuously connected to a source and receives information from the source. In samadhi, she channels God's Love healing 24x7 since the time of her Enlightenment. 


    Free Healing

    Dr. Dabhi has offered FREE Trance Healing to all since 2015.  Under these FREE trance healing programs, she channels Daily Trance Healings through WhatsApp to around 10,000 people across the Globe


  • Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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