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The Tarot is a little mirror that shows your Self and softly asks where you are in this space and time

Laughing Buddha

Budai, The Laughing Buddha will guide you with a smile on your spiritual path

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Integrated Personal Growth
We often think the body, mind and spirit are all separate. This is not true at all. We need all three to work together to remain fit, healthy and healthy.
A fine balance
To attain balance in body, mind and spirit, is no small matter. It calls us to free ourselves of the pull and push of craving and aversion, and of the emotional and psychological needs that keep us...
A Higher Synthesis
The future of health care lies in the fusion of allopathy with  alternative therapies, giving rise to a system that will treat each patient holistically and uniquely, says Punya...

The House of a Hundred Stories

Life Positive Books invites you to the launch of the book The House of a Hundred Stories by Mariam Karim Ahlawat. Read more

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Science of Mudras
Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita , says ‘ that there is nothing as sacred as knowledge’. Knowledge needs to be acquired by the human mind through the 5 D’s- dedication, determination, dynamism, devotion and discipline and one H- Humility.
Yoga : A path towards a complete life
Yoga as a discipline promotes a gradual progress of fitness, of the body, mind and spirit. It is wrong to understand it just as a physical practice like a gym.
Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit
According to Indian spiritual texts, the human being is made up of panchamaya kosha or five sheaths, with the physical body (annamayakosha or food sheath), as the most immediate and grossest sheath.
Self Improvement Annoying You? Allow Us To Help You Along!
Personal development is one of those conditions this means anything slightly distinct for each and every individual. For many it may indicate creating a impact on their own health and way of life....
Love and Compassion in the age of terror and violence
Simeone and I are celebrating the New Year at a café on the banks of this beautiful lake and are penning our finals thoughts. We are well aware that despite a modern outlook and your liberal values,...
Surrender to the Divine Thought for a Day
We can embark upon  an  engaging experiment, which will not only be thrillingly engrossing , but will certainly teach us  more in one day than perhaps what we  could learn from  esoteric books or...
Rudra Puja
Rudra Pooja is an ancient practice followed in India since time immemorial. ‘Rudra’ means ‘Shiva – the Benevolent’,’ the Auspicious’  ‘ the Destroyer of Evil’....
Anger among students
We as school students rehearsed the chorus, “School is such a bore and we are building more,” for the musical Kidstuf, directed by Barry John and the music scored by Param Vir.” These guys are gay...

Our latest Picks

Return to the land
Even as the degradation of urban life continues to spiral, sensitive urbanites are awakening and making individual efforts to repair the damage, or at any rate distance themselves from our present...
Gentleman (and lady) Farmers
Tired of eating poison-laced food in the name of chemical farming, a few good men and women decided to  go back to  the art of growing food in collaboration with nature, instead of exploiting it,...
Walking with death
Most spiritual masters and teachers advocate meditating on death. They affirm, time and time again, that only death can give us the secret of life. At some level I understood this, because during...
Reverse varicose veins
When I am at a shopping mall or airport, my attention is often drawn to the people who stand most of the day, such as nurses, surgeons, people on the shop floor and hospitality industry. Standing...
For love, peace, and Mother Earth
Pope Francis, the 266th pope  of the Roman Catholic Church, has emerged with a stunning range of initiatives which are inclusive, compassionate, responsible and radical, worthy of Jesus Christ...
Where Adi Sankaracharya was born
A calm and quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A beautiful garden with lovely red, blue, orange and yellow flowers in gay array; fluttering butterflies of different colours and...
Have life, will live
Major Singh’s dauntless vow to let nothing come between him and his best life has led this soldier-hero to set many records for running despite an amputated leg, says Jamuna...
Sow the seeds of love
The Bhagavad Gita, that universal scripture, the Bible of humanity, tells us about the ideal man – the stitha prajna – the man who is calm in wisdom, the man of utter peace of spirit, who lives and...