About Ms. Rashmi Satija Ahuja

Rashmi Ahuja is a Professional Healer for last 10 years and  has certifications in different Modalities as such:

  • Reiki Master (Reiki Healing Foundation, India)
  • Theta Healing (Think, USA)
  • Access Consciousness Bars (Access Consciousness)
  • Magnified Healing (Magnified Healing)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (Reiki Healing Foundation)
  • Past Life Regression (Reiki Healing Foundation)


Mission Statement - Helping people to find balance and inner peace through healing and meditation so that they can connect with themselves and able to find their life's purpose and attain mental, emotional, and physical health.


  • Reiki Healing 3000/Session
  • Theta Healing 3500/Session
  • Akashic Record Reading 2500/Session
  • Tarot Card Reading 2500/Session
  • Life Coaching 2000/Session
  • Meditation 1000/Session
  • Access Consciousness Bars and Body process 2500/Session
  • Past Life Regression 3000/Session

Mode of Session



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For any issues please contact +919971088870 or +918527622018

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