About Ms. Vandana Shukla

Vandana Shukla is a Delhi based healer and practices all sorts of healing modalities like Pranic Healing, Reiki Healing, Angel Healing, Crystal Healing, Candle Healing etc. She has been actively involved in healing people for the last sixteen years. The spiritual teachings of her Great Father pushed her towards serving the humanity selflessly. Vandana is grateful that her 16 years of experience enables her to employ a combination of various healing modalities to heal various problems ranging from health problems, emotional problems, finance & career problems, business problems, relationship problems and other life problems. She has vowed to keep healing people by staying true to her spiritual calling.


  • Pranic Healing 500/Session
  • Reiki Healing 500/Session
  • Angel Healing 500/Session
  • Angel Card Reading 700/Session
  • Candle Healing 1000/Session
  • Tarot Card Reading 1100/Session



Candle Magick Whatsapp Course

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One Question Tarot Card Reading- Christmas Offer

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