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About Ms. Neelakshi

Neelakshi's encountered healing energies where she least expected it to happen, and found it impossible to ignore the divine intervention. She was attuned to Reiki in 2007 but used it particularly on herself to achieve her goals. However, in 2014, her life experienced a shift when she decided to plunge into Reiki's professional practice and began channelling it for the well-being of others. It was the toughest of times that sent her on soul-searching. Her quest ended when she discovered gratitude and love to be the base of all universal manifestations. During the phase of practising gratitude, the worldly power began flowing through her spirit in such a way that it became her true calling. Soon, she started looking for ways to channelise the brimming energy. The closest technique to channelise that energy was Reiki. Hence, she realigned herself and began practising REIKI to experience the fullness of this energy dance. She admits that her life has been marvellous in all aspects – her energy levels are enhancing with age, finances are getting stronger while pursuing things that she loves, relationships became fulfilling, unconditional and meaningful and are always in a state of bliss, irrespective of situations. The feeling of fulfilment inspired her to switch to sharing the methods, modalities, and channelling required energy to others who were seeking similar empowerment in leading successful materialistic lives full of loving relationships, stimulated health, success in all things they aim for. Neelakshi's methods of healing rely on one divine power and access to universal energy through gratitude and love irrespective of any belief or religious system. She believes, “as within, so without; as above, so below”. She is a firm believer in converting thoughts to reality. The physical body is an extension of your spiritual and emotional experiences. Hence, she believes that any physical discomfort is solvable when identical issues are tapped into and sorted with love, gratitude, and a pinch of divine help. She has developed her capability of observing deep-rooted patterns, which with various practices can be released effortlessly and efficiently. Besides this, Neelakshi has been a multi-faceted personality living through many talents. She lives life to the fullest and expresses its greatness through her artistic abilities. She is also an actor, anchor, writer, Latin dancer, filmmaker, Sufi- songwriter. Currently, she is heading Creative Collaborations with Neelakshi, which is an initiative to team up with various artists of different field and creative experiences for world peace and artistic growth.


  • Reiki Healing 800/Session
  • Access Consciousness Bars and Body process 1000/Month
  • Hypnotherapy 1000/Session
  • Meditation 500/Session
  • Life Coaching 500/Session

Mode of Session

  • E Workshop
  • At centre
  • Long distance
  • Via WhatsApp
  • Via Skype
  • Over phone
  • Online


General Well Being Meditation

Gautam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India

  • Rs.150 at centre

1 hour Minutes Meditation for general wellbeing. Includes 10 Minutes breathing exercises 10 minutes Movements (Optional) 40 minutes Guided Meditation by Reiki Master/Clinical Hypnotherapist Neela. . .

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