About Mrs. Poonam Malhotra

Poonam Malhotra is a paranormal investigator and a spiritual psychologist who is born and brought up in Mumbai. She scored a double Major in English and Psychology from Sophia College, Mumbai. Presently, she is residing in Delhi and assisting people from Mumbai, Delhi, Australia, Dubai, Bahrain, US, Canada, Bangalore, and even Germany. With the multiple learning she has received in my life, Poonam feels that she has evolved mentally and spiritually. Since childhood, Poonam has been interested in the occult sciences and studied books on numerology, palmistry, vastu, meditation, face reading etc. She has attended many workshops and sessions to gain more knowledge about the mystic world. Today, she feels capable of helping people understand the real aim of life. Thus, she has started an institute by the name of 'Divine-Blessing'. Poonam inaugurated this institute with the sole purpose of leading the striving ones on the wise track by solving their problems with the help of her knowledge of occult sciences. She believes that every human has the power to transform anything, but they are not aware of it. The goal of her life is to make people aware of their hidden endowments. A near-death experience (NDE) in 2005 prompted Poonam to follow the path of holistic healing. As a result, she developed (ESP) extrasensory perception. She connected with her spirit guides, and her spiritual powers gradually unfolded. Having also had Kundalini experiences, she did a certified course in Kundalini Yoga to understand it better.


  • Tarot Card Reading 1000/Session
  • Past Life Regression 5100/Session
  • Numerology 1000/Session
  • Vastu 31000/Session
  • Meditation 3500/Session
  • Crystal Ball Gazing 5100/Session
  • Astral Projection 3100/Session
  • Kundalini Yoga Therapy 21000/Session
  • Life Coaching 2100/Session
  • Counseling therapy 2100/Session
  • Pranic Healing 1100/Session
  • Reiki Healing 1100/Session
  • Pendulum Dowsing 2100/Session

Mode of Session

  • At centre
  • Long distance
  • Via Skype
  • Over phone



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Psychic Protection

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Meditation Workshop

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