About Mr. Sanjay Sharma

Namaste!! I was born in Nangal Gram near Bandiqui District Jaipur. I started developing interest in spiritual sciences in my childhood itself. I learnt Astrology at the tender age of 10 years and was later awarded a Gold Medal by Delhi University and Jyotish Acharya from Rajasthan University. Astrology was always in my blood and later on I took it up as family profession. My grandfather took upadhi of Jyotish Samrath by Jaipur Govt. My Nana was also a Jyotish Samrath. Presently, I am running my own astrology consultancy in Kalkaji. In this stressful age, every individual wants peace in life. All of us are surrounded by difficulties and problems in our daily life and want to triumph over these problems. To overcome these problems, I am engaged in offering services in the field of astrology, palmistry, face reading, numerology, matrimonial consultancy, gemstones, etc. I also offer web cam consultations. For me, each individual is precious and his/her problems are a matter of concern for us. We strive to offer the best solutions at attractive price range. Because of my dedicated services, my clients are contented and have along lasting relationship with me.


  • Astrology 2100/Session
  • Face Reading To be disclosed on request
  • Numerology To be disclosed on request
  • Vastu To be disclosed on request
  • Palmistry 2100/Session


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