About Dr. Shardha Batra

Dr. Shardha Batra is a medical specialist who has diversified into the field of Vedic sound healing. She has gained knowledge of Vedas and chanting from Shree Krishamacharya tradition from Chennai and is a certified teacher in “Healing Vedic chants”  from the same esteemed institution. She uses Vedic sounds, stories, and knowledge of archetypes on a firm foundation of her scientific knowledge, for the benefit of the contemporary generation.

She also conducts individual sessions of life coaching, meditation, and wellness. Dr. Shardha has penned articles for TOI (Wellness and Speaking tree columns ) and appeared on both electronic media and radio. She has scripted the FM programme on International Yoga day sharing her deep insights into the shared quest of self-realization of all human beings.

She has been an in-house consultant for corporates and visiting master for ANANDA SPA RISHIKESH from 2006-2013. She has authored the book “The Eternal Guru Speaks”


  • Life Coaching Fees disclosed on request
  • Meditation Fees disclosed on request

Mode of Session

  • At centre
  • Via Skype
  • Over phone
  • Online



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